Realtor-Home Inspector Relationships

I’m sure you’ve heard the term “used house salesman” used to refer to realtors. Do you think this a derogatory term? If a used house salesman sells a product to home inspectors, and the purchasers of his product are referred to used house salesmen solely because they are a user of his product, is this similar to being listed on a preferred vendor list. Do you know of any home inspectors that poop in their trailer and suck on used house salesmen? Is Rusty really a Boone’s Farm connoisseur? Do inspectors know that they can get a better service for free, but many are stupid enough to believe Nate (a used house salesboy himself) will make them rich. By some miracle of God, do you merely have to provide Retard Check to your clients (for a price, not free) to become the “best inspector” in your area]( (Something similar to CMI certification)

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Double wow. I’d love to hear the interaction between the real estate agents and this clown at an inspection. Must be priceless.

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I don’t solicit agents, brokers, used house salesmen, used house salesboys, etc. It is against my personal ethics to solicit them for referrals, some inspectors feel compelled to assist them in selling the house they inspect. I just stay away from this type of relationship. Let the buyer decide who their home inspector will be.

The phrase was coined by Dan Bowers, NACHI member of the year. Careful what you say and type.

Being on a list referred by agents is a compliment to me. Now if you pay to be on that list, that is another story…

Just because an agent refers you doesn’t mean you have to do your job any differently. I don’t understand what all the hype is about. The vast majority of my inspections comes from agents and I don’t sugar coat anything nor do I feel pressure to.

Putting this on the open NACHI site for any one to read sure does not make NACHI Home inspectors look good.

Roy, I agree. Perhaps Linus needs to get into another line of work.

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So let me get this straight. Linus doesn’t like real estate agents, doesn’t like inspectors who offer other services (such as RecallChek), and doesn’t like vendors who offer services that inspectors can choose to include or not.

But he does include IR which many inspectors feel is outside the SOP’s, he doesn’t deny that he would take a referral from an agent if offered (i’ve asked on this board), and he offers mold testing which some believe is a conflict of interest.

So he just doesn’t like inspectors who run their business THEIR way and not HIS way. And this must be reflected in all the time he has to bash people on this message board. Perhaps a change in attitude is needed to improve his business, and his online reviews.

Most agents that I know and work with understand that a good home inspector is not going to be “soft” just to make the sale. A good home inspector protects the agent from liability. That’s why they refer us. It keeps them out of court.

If you can’t convey that message as an inspector, you should be in a different business.

I don’t know if I would take any advice from a “Used house inspector”

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Hurt people, hurt people. Meaning those who hurt inside have the need to hurt others. So I understand Linus’s need to lash out at others. Let’s get the disclaimer out, yes in some of my trucks you have the ability to use the bathroom. They love trying to make that a derogatory thing, so be it.

But let’s take his statement and instead of reading it at face value, let’s dig a little deeper. I am beginning to understand Linus and see the reason for his comments. Let’s use the hypothetical name “Bob” and he was starting to perform an inspection better, significantly superior and professionals see the value in Bob’s services versus mine, I would be bitter and upset as well. My gravy train is coming to an end and the substandard methods used are no longer accepted by the general public. Bob’s ever ending quest for improvement has now interfered with my making the money I used to make. So now my only result is to “discredit” those who hold me to a higher standard.

Linus is also correct that there is a way to perform recall checks for free. But for those who intend to or already are pressed with time do to trying to implement a more professional service or are in demand providing professional inspections do not have the time to do this. To take each past client and enter their information month after month for recalls is not my cup of tea, but those who have the time to do this are more than welcome to. I could also own a farm and grow my own food at a much lower rate, but I weigh the gain versus the loss and just going to the grocery store far outweighs me growing my own food.

The hate relationship with Realtors, hmmmm. Why is Linus so angry, then it dawned on me, he can’t make them happy. Why? Because he can’t make his clients happy and people like our hypothetical “Bob” is finding ways to make everyone happy because he concentrates specifically on making the CLIENT happy and informed. He presents his information in a way that the client understand and leaves there is no questions left unanswered, which then makes the client feel comfortable and informed about their decision and the inspection and its process. I have NEVER met a realtor that was upset when their client was exceptionally pleased with my work. So, if the client is not happy, the realtor is not happy. Some people concentrate on the client and some concentrate on themselves. This fictional character Bob also spends a ton of time tweaking his professional service to make it damn near perfect. Sometimes he spends money on a venture that does not pay off, but his small tweaks and fine tuning will eventually create something that surpasses the minimalist which will then lead to the surpassing and eventual demise of the inspector who denies there is a problem and instead of looking within the look outside of themselves, due to ego and ignorance all mixed up into one.

I remember not too long ago a guy making fun of my bathrooms in my vans and even mentioning that I was wrong in my marketing and even went as far to write about it in a blog. I don’t know what happened to this guy, maybe he made so much money he retired, or maybe he couldn’t hack it and was inept and had to change professions to make a living.

Maybe Realtors hold people to a HIGHER standard. They know the rules, the laws and what people expect. If inspectors are not providing it, they get lost and typically get angry then it becomes a war between inspectors and Realtors. But is it really a “war” or is just simple frustration that your once sought after service is now antiquated and no longer needed? That would mean you have slipped in your business and instead of looking within, there has to be something OTHER than ME. God forbid, I look at ME. I has to be THEM!.

Linus seems like an angry person and I just want him to know I am here to help in any way I can. Hopefully he can look within himself, see where he is going wrong, face the facts he no longer provides a service found valuable and will then be able to at least keep up with our fictional inspector “Bob”.

Hurt people….Hurt people…

I got the call yesterday and they were saving a spot in their flyer just for me.

I told them I did not by my customers and that I got them by advertising and my reputation. Unbelievable low price of $499. Not a chance of them getting money from me to be on their list.

I would love to have a bathroom in my vechicle.


Cleaning it out I would NOT like.

My family has owned a few Motor Homes over the years and cleaning that out was the worst thing for me.

When my ailing Father gave me his pontoon boat it had a porta potty in it. That was the first thing I removed. I was not going to clean others mess. I replaced it with a home depot bucket and a snap on toilet seat. He or She who uses it cleans it. Problem solved :slight_smile:

the local prudential office wanted me on their preferred vendors list for $500.00 year to advertise a “package” to offer potential buyers. I politely declined. oddly I still get inspections from agents in that office…

I believe it.
It sure does not obligate them to use you.
Just a giant rip off if you ask me.

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I said this earlier last month. When my mom passed at the beginning of January I found out by text at the end of an inspection. I let the Realtor know that I would have the report available that evening, but not in the next hour or two as usual. One of the Realtors for that office was the first one with a dish for my father the next day just to offer some support. He did not know my father at all.

Why did this happen? Because I take time to build professional relationships with other professionals. It does not have anything to do with sucking up or whatever derogatory term you want to come up with.

Of course there are some out there that aren’t professional, but it’s ridiculous to use a broad brush and paint an entire profession as such. It’s just not the case.

If you only attract the worst, it may have something to do with yourself.