Realtor picture captioned "this going to be an issue?"

I wanted to get some opinions on this.

Of course it’s an issue, access to panel blocked.
and the panel on the right is Federal Pacific Stablok btw.

Plumbing pipes in front of electrical panel needs to Removed and repaired immediately by a qualified trades person’s .

Relocate and replace the panel.

Just do the inspection and note no access to the panel because of the pipe.

Thanks everyone. I saw this and had to post it. At least I’m training this Realtor a bit.

Ya Think?!

Well at least they asked first. They could have just blamed you for the sale falling through…

Nope, no issue for me to do the inspection, thanks for the heads up though lol

Found a water heater in front of a panel once. Both water lines ran in front of the breakers. Couldn’t take the cover off if I had wanted to. And of course there is the leak thing…

There should be 1 square meter ( 3 Sq Ft)of clear space in front of the panel, at least in my neck of the woods.


What could possibly go wrong?