Square D Trilliant Load Center

First time I’ve ever seen this service panel that was discontinued in 1996 with a recall for the surge arrester doubled tapped into a 30 Amp breaker and its still there. Interesting looking panel, hard to get replacement parts. What I find more interesting is this home has been inspected several times in the last ten years and was built in 1996. It also has Polybutylene as the potable water distribution ALL over home which has been banned in Florida for quite sometime. I saw it immediately and told the buyer are sure you want to continue with this inspection? Since Polybutylene homes are almost uninsurable here in Florida. We went ahead with it anyway. I hear this probably once a week “How come the last inspector didn’t say anything about this” I do have some thoughts on that but I’m supposed to be nice, so my response is usually you need ask that person. I found Polybutylene in another home coming straight out of the slab connecting to CPVC as clear as day. Indicated it in my report, informed the agent who called me a week later and said his plumber said its just grey water pipe. OK lol. I made my notes in the report and moved on. And this particular realtor was in short breakup with his go to inspector, that’s why he called me. Glad to report the bromance is back on. And finally ANSI Z-97.1 is not Impact rated. It is only Force Entry Rated. This is an ongoing ridiculous problem and real estate agents misrepresenting listing and the buyer getting upset and home inspector getting blamed when disappointed that promised saving for exterior opening protection is no bueno.

I hate those Trilliant panels, the quick release fasteners are horribly constructed. Did you get the dead front back to stay on? The more times they are rotated, the worse they get.

FYI, poly was never “banned”, and yes, it is generally uninsurable here now.

You are correct not banned but, no longer used. I did get the cover on and off one screw was broken. Weird looking panel and super clean. I think the buyer should have walked away from this ticking time bomb.

Depends on the deal I suppose. I heard back from a recent client who negotiated poly replacement. The deal survived. You did your part, good job.

Because they are scared of being deal killers or they are incompetent. Both are bad. They are lucky to have hired you.

Two years ago, I ran into Poly used for radiant floor heating. The buyers negotiated a $150K replacement!
Our job is to point and say “Bad” and not say, “Don’t buy.”