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Notice the main water valve position…The water was still on, no way to shut the main off.

main water shut off.jpg

Interesting .
I wonder how many inspectors would have found this .
I know I would not have found it.

I did not check the home supply as most valves leak after testing .

If it wasn’t a ball valve I may have not seen it. the perpendicular lever caught my eye. I GENTLY moved it and it just spun, never altering water flow.

I told you l could fix that balcony; now let’s make sure that your life insurance policy is up to date…

Power Vent Water Heater…Vent Pipe Almost Makes It Outside?


Why run the pipes over the beam when it will eliminate some elbows and just run the pipe through the beam!

wouldnt that be OK, Ron? looks like a 2x 10 or 9 1/4" deep, a 3" hole saw for a 2" pipe is less than 1/3 removed and not close to either end…

Holes are cut thru the bottom 1/3 of beam (within 2" of bottom not allowed) and also in the center 1/3 of the beam (Not allowed). Remember this is a Beam, Not a Joist…

How do you inspect this?

You don’t. And you can’t. Wow!:wink:

The whole house was one giant defect!
Unfortunately that included the people living in that…

I am sure.

Welcome more Defects. :slight_smile:

This furnace was active and supplying heat to the house; I did not remove any of the access covers. I didn’t know how to react when I saw this madness.