uhhhh ok...

On yesterday’s inspection, I asked the agent where the electric box was located, on a 800 sq ft condo. She said it is outside on the breeze way, so of course I walk out to this. Then I look down and see the second problem.
Nice work Mr. Home owner…:roll:



Gives new meaning to the term someone is in “Hot Water”…

You better be funny Pat.
Lost a client while talki ng yesterday.Haha , funny but true.
Next time you go on hold.
Robert I am to lazy to goggle it.
What is that Titan box for?

That is an instant on tank less water heater.

On a H/I last week with Customer/Buyer tagging along, I noted that the sub-panel added in recently constructed Mech. Rm., as basement area was being finished by Owner/Seller, was to close to the gas-fired W/H (7") and panel door would not open all the way.
Seller was upset with my reporting of this, and other items of similar nature, recommending that a “Professional Tradesman” be brought in to verify and make suitable repairs. He thought I was being, and I quote “overly picky and being an alarmist, and he was concerned that I was overstepping the bounds of a Hm. Insp.”.
My Client is not a newbie, we discussed my findings, and he had the communication skills to negotiate the deal.
Oh Yea…the Seller called me earlier today to apologize, and to ask me if I would perform a H/I on the home they just went binding on.
Don’t you just love this business, I do.