Recallchek, Homebinder, or what?

What is everyone using for recall checks? Recallchek is pretty good. Homebinder makes the client sign up and most don’t, even if they requested it. I know there’s a lot of RWS Porch comments about selling info. So what do you use, if anything at all. Don’t say Google because that’s just not the same.

I don’t do recalls. Most, if not all, of the obsolete electrical panels that pose real safety concerns were never recalled. Kidde has quite a few smoke alarm recalls. The problem it seems to me would be missing something with a law suit following. Not worth it, not necessary.

It is a slippery slope. You would need a disclaimer stating that you could not possibly account for all the possible recalls in a house. As a home inspector your goal should be to stay out of court not fastrack a lawsuit.


None of those services are doing more than just appliances. Just give the client the dataplate information for appliances and the link to the appropriate recall WEB site for them to look it up. Anything beyond that and as Bob intimated you are on a slippery slope that can cause you trouble.

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Give them this link and they can check there own property, among a variety of other things for any recalls.

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All of these “free” add-ons are provided to your clients by lead brokers who use them to harvest private information from and about your clients to sell to others.

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Thanks for the comments everyone. When I started inspecting I offered this service, but haven’t for quite a while. I was asked recently by a customer to check for recalls on the appliances and used Recallchek. I was considering putting this service back on the list, but I think I’ll just stay away given your points.