Getting Rid of Recallchek

I’m using RecallChek but I’m thinking of dumping it. I know the information comes from the CPSC and I’m thinking of making my own. Is anyone doing this and if so how did you build it?

What happens if you miss something and there is damage or death?

I’ve never used ReCallChek.


exactly, recall check is incredible, you are going to spend a lot of money to duplicate, and gain nothing

I’ve used RecallChek for many years, it is a valuable tool to my clients and saves me time.


Or don’t use it at all, and lose nothing. I’ve never offered any type of Appliance recall check and my business is as busy as I can handle. Not one buyer or agent has ever asked me if I check for appliance recalls in 14 years.


It was the same with me Christopher. The vendors want your $.

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RecallChek lets clients know if there is a manufacturer recall on an appliances. Water heaters, range, HVAC. I forgot to add I’m also providing 90 day warranty, Moldsafe, SewerGard, & 5 Year Roof Protection.

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Would you answer my question?

I’ve never used them…or, anything like it.

If there are any survivors they receive a condolence letter and a lifetime supply of Fart Candles!

I’m sure you have read the agreement these Inspectors are signing if they want to take on this massive liability. The last agreement I saw basically means the Inspector will pay for the product and assume all liabilities from its use. So just as important a question is why would Inspectors pay for the privilege of assuming such liability?