Recessed, canister, or can – lights. Identification and insulation clearance or lack

I believe these are likely rated for direct insulation. Does InterNACHI have a resource for quick identification of canister lithe types and UL ratings?

Typically IC Rated fixtures are silver and Non-IC Rated fixtures are white.

Actually I remember now. The letters “IC” stand for “Insulation Contact.” should be inside the can as seen from the light bulb area, or from the attic on the outside of the can.

IC and non IC

IC can be easy to remember as Insulation can cover .

If it has air slots it should not be covered.

Awesome good to know!. Thanks for the quick feedback.

Thanks Bob!

Do not go by that .
I see plenty non white which are non-ic.

Look for the slots like I suggested.

Remove the bulb and look at the sticker inside.

And as Bob said, the should be no slots.

I saw some white ones last week which were IC listed. Download the “barcode scanner” app to your phone you can literally find out on the spot. Scan the barcode label (on top in this case), sometimes they are on the side and make it a little more difficult. Then press “bing search” button (on my phone) and it will tell you what the label says.

I also see silver ones a lot that are not rated, often they have a sticker on them which reads in bold red lettering WARNING RISK OF FIRE…

Progress has the P87 series where the difference between IC and non-IC is you remove a sticker. IIRC they have slots are are still IC. With the correct trim I also believe they are also AT.

I doubt the color is a reliable way to judge IC vs non-IC.

Notice I used the word"typically"]( In My area at the homes I’ve inspected over the last ten years, more times than not, IC Rated fixtures are silver and Non-IC Rated fixtures are white.

Got the application name? Android I assume? Would love to have it.

“Barcode Scanner”, yes android.

Yes. There are convertible types which may be IC or non-IC depending on the bulb and bezel installed. If you want to know for sure, you have to read the label. You can’t know just by looking at the can.