Phone answering service

Is there a service that is worth checking into. Hate to send my calls to a place that will mishandle them

I checked into it a few years ago. If you find one to consider, call one of their other HI business clients to see how they do for a potential HI client. It was pathetic when I did that.

I found that answering our own phones is best.:wink:

I wouldn’t use any of them personally, what’s the deal, are you so busy you don’t have time to answer your cell phone Jim?..:smiley:

Always answer your own phone.

Answering services will not be able to answer your clients questions or book the inspection.

When my phone rings during an inspection, 90% of the callers leave me a message and I call them within 2 hours.

I use the local phone company’s voice mail system. I can check messages from anywhere if I miss the call.

This may help you for what you want.

Got Vmail

GotVMail’s award-winning Virtual Phone System allows your small business to:

Sound more professional: A single toll-free or local number, main greeting auto attendant, multiple extensions, live call forwarding, music-on-hold, and more.

Be accessible to callers: Forward calls anywhere to any phone (cell, home, work, office, VoIP).

Better manage messages: Receive voicemails and faxes via email as mp3 and PDF attachments.

Save time and money: No equipment to purchase or maintain. No long-term contracts to sign. Setup the VirtualOne system online in a few easy steps via myGotVMail (take a tour).

Get started quickly & easily: Sign up instantly online. Begin receiving calls to your new number in just minutes.

Today there are half a dozen phone answering services that do nothing but schedule and answer for home inspectors. They know what we do, how we do it and can answer questions, schedule us, send inspection agreements to our clients, call and schedule other affiliated services you might use (like the septic inspector, termite guy, etc).

In the summer I might have easily 10-20 calls wanting to get pricing, ask how I do certain things, want to know our qualifications, want clarification on a past report, etc. I can’t be interupting the clients I’m with for that.

Here’s one that works exclusively for home inspectors:

Thanks for the information, I will check into these and see who sounds like they know what they are doing. I hate the thought of losing control of what is said to the potential client.

nothing beats y o u answering the phone and selling you and your abilities