Recommend Inspection Software?

Hey everyone,

Could someone recommend a good inspection report software? The current report software I’ve been using takes too long to write reports (3-5 hours sometimes). Any feedback would be much appreciated. Thank you!

There are many great software companies with good to great products. It would help to know what you have been using, and what you want from a software. “Time to write a report” is more about you and how you set-up your software (among other things), than it is the software itself!

As Mr. Jonas said, it depends heavily on what your end-game goal is. If you want to finish onsite, you should be looking at a fully mobile app. IMHO, there are very few truly mobile apps. If you like the desk time to “reflect” and complete reports, you’ll find that there are dozens of choices.

What are you currently using and what is your goal?

I currently use InspectIT by AHIT. It’s an app for IPhone. It’s painfully slow to write detailed reports on a phone. They have a online portal to write report on the computer but if you try and sync your phone with it it will delete sections of the report. The software has default observations that you can plug in but I am constantly having to write in manual observations because the default answers are less then descriptive. I admit I try to very thorough in my write ups which does prolong the time of writing reports.

I’ve had to manually change my reports based on requests from agents who were used to a different companies reporting style which had created a ton of extra work just to keep business.

The main problem is that we are starting to get a lot business but i can’t keep up with the demand because the report take so long. It’s also extremely hard to find another inspector to hire.

Jeff, I don’t want to hijack this thread, but is it possible to arrange the sections in an Inspector Nexus template just for the site visit, then go back and re-arrange them for report presentation, without screwing up the data?

Also, wish list item: ability to mass load narratives into the software.


Yes. Sections can be arranged in any manner throughout the process. They are only locked in during publication. Even after publication, they can be rearranged to revise the report and/or republish.

What format are your narratives currently in? Alex (my engineer) has much success pulling in narratives from all types of file extensions.

Word format. I keep a master set in a table. How do you pull narratives into the app?

I have no idea :yum: I’m just an inspector.

Contact Alex at

He has pulled in Word for other inspectors and I’m sure he can do it for you as well. He is a genius in the world of software engineering.

Another hijack, but others may be interested as well…
Jeff, does the software have the ability to produce a TREC compliant report?

My version of Inspector Nexus has a TREC 7-5 report template built into it. I haven’t looked at it, but I know that template is in the software.

Ian, I’m not sure how much experience you have but you might check out my articles Choosing Inspection Software and Report Compilation Time and Length.

Alex can convert from a number of major software and can do it manually. I get the impression it’s not much of a problem. I’ll be commenting more on that soon since we’re about to find out how well they can convert a 7,500-narrative library.

I think I remember seeing one here. I have used this forever.

There is a TREC template available.

Personally, I dislike the Homegauge TREC report. It looks awful & is littered with disclaimers, SOP explainations for every item & comments on issues are very disconnected from pictures. It’s a beating for a home inspector to follow, let alone a general consumer.


I’m using Horizon; I find it very user friendly, good mobile app as well.

The truth of this statement is so prolific that I started another thread with the intent to expand on it.
Beyond the “Best software”

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