Report time

I am wondering how long it takes you guys to do the report. It doesn’t matter what software or report method you use. I am looking for your average time. I think it takes me a long time, probably because I do not have a routine yet.

30-35 minutes.

Same. Most imput done onsite then fine tuned and pics added. Did one today in about 20 minutes.

Do you guys have templates made up or text that you have saved that you just click and insert? Takes me like 6 hours to do a report. I edit my pics with arrows and text and then I have to type most of my text. I do have the ability to save the text for future use. Is this what you guys do?

Sure it does. I spend about 1 hour writing my reports. No on-site input, just picture taking.

No it doesn’t. I am only interested in average times. And since I wrote the post and I wanted the information I get to decide :wink:

If your truly interested in average times, are the next questions to follow not how and why?

Same here. I use to use InspectNow software and it took forever, especially when I used photoscape to edit the pictures then insert them into the report. I switched to HG and haven’t had a problem since.

All depends on the answers. If it is taking me 5 hours and everyone else is taking 1 hour or less no matter what system, then I need to change what I am doing. Then I will want to know the how and why. I thought it is taking me so long because I have only done a few reports and just do not have all my templates done.

InspectNow Reports - 5-7hrs
Home Gauge Reports - 1-2hrs

I developed my own software. Inspections performed via tablet. Keying done during inspection. Total inspection time about three hours. Includes on site printing, pics on CD, writing out the report. Rest is secret, unless you pay to play. Perfrom, write, click, print, collect check, done, gone. No work at home.

Mike give me a call or go to this thursdays meeting.
Everyone there including myself will give you a hand in improving speed.
I started out the same way.
My Netbook will be with me.

i am about an hour after inspecting tweeking the report and setting pics, software does make the difference,

As far as time goes I would say that alot of difference is in what comments you store .
Canned comments have their place and different report styles do swing report time 30 minutes or so ,one way or another from everything I have gleamed.
Mike has posted a few questions on his current report that defiantly eat up speed,but gradually questions become fewer as do report minutes.
Pictures editing also adds to time but if you are not doing 2 and 3 a day you might as well spend extra time fine tuning for your client.

About the same here.:smiley:

Takes me 3-4 hours to write a report with HG.

Also the location your inspecting in makes a difference. Mike, you live in a cold climate and have basements to deal with which makes a longer report. Brian inspects in Arizona where’s there’s no snow on the roof and everything’s on slab. He’s going to have less to do than you.

Dom, have you any data to support your claim??? Because I do not believe it it at all. :smiley:

He asked how long it took to write the report, not how long it took to inspect. It pretty much takes me the same amount of time to enter my findings, unless the house is very large, has guest quarters, more the three HVAC systems, etc.

Agree with Dominic.

Basements can sometimes take more time than the rest of the report. I take anywhere from 1 hour to 3 hours, depending on the home, and the number of pictures I include. In the beginning (newbie) I would spend 6-7 hours, making sure of the best report I could produce. Now I am about 2 hours average. Processing the photo’s (resizing, anotating, arrows, circles, etc) take the majority of my time. When I am finished, I walk away for 30 minutes, refresh myself, clear my head, and then review the report. I do not send the report until I am 100% satisfied with the results. If I am unusually busy that day, and I suspect that I may run late with the report, I always call my client to inform them. I have never had a complaint, and have only received positive reviews of my report.

Brian, see post #19