Recommendations for inspection software

Hi everyone. I just finished the coursework for my pre-licensing in Illinois. I talked to someone about starting my inspection events and it was suggested that I get a software package to start off with as well. Any thoughts on what packages might be good ones to evaluate? Thank you

I suggest you use the search feature on this forum, there are literally hundreds of posts on this topic every year.

You’ll find many good posts on this topic.

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First, welcome to our forum, Albert!..Enjoy! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Second, our very own Kenton Shepard put together this to help choose software. And, remember many will give you free samples to try out.

Awesome information. thank you

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As i am new to this forum and process, I have yet to gain experience in the opportunities for information. I will search and see what I can find.

Look at the 3 or 4 offerings and pick one that you think is a good fit. Try it for a few practice inspections and see if it works. If not, try your next best one. Keep in mind, the high-end, more advanced programs, like Spectora, have a learning curve. You may become very frustrated at first.


Really appreciate the advice. thank you