Recommended Radon Equipment

I am purchasing Radon testing equipment for the first time and looking for recommendations. I will be performing inspections in Middle Tennessee, where Radon levels are high and anticipate Radon inspections on almost all of my home inspections. Thanks for the help!!

The company I use to do my radon testing uses Radstar monitors. If I ever move back to Nashville and start doing my own testing again, that’s probably what I’d buy.

I use Radstar monitors and am pleased with them.

We have 9 Radstars…best service…and the rent option to get started is the way to go. 3 years ago, we only rented 1 unit and owned one. They pay for themselves quickly. Price the service right…not too high and you will sell a ton.

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No cost of monitors, calibration, risk of theft/breakage, etc. Use red ones for RE transactions, cost of $8 each, use two for each test. Overnight them to North Carolina for testing. You then get a great explanation of the results via email for your client; not just a machine printing out a bunch of numbers.

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