Continuous Radon Monitors

(Jason Lipman) #1

Going to add radon testing to my services. I know this has been asked but it seems nothing recent. I am curious what monitors everyone is using and what they like, dont like about them.

I have looked into Radalink and they offer a great program, however I dont like the idea of leasing the equipment. Seems like it gets expensive and you never own anything.

Then I am between the Sun Nuclear 1028, the Rad Star RS300 and the Air things Corentium Pro.

Looking for any opinions and experiences with any of these options or any other monitors you have had a good experience with.

Not really interested in charcoal tests.

(William Forrest, CMI) #2

(Brian C. Burleson, CMI) #3

I’ve been very happy with my RS300s

(Jason Lipman) #4

Thanks for the feedback so far guys.

I had not looked at Radelec yet. Seems like a good program. More expensive then the CRM’s i have been looking at but I like that they require no electronics during the test. And with the starter kit I would be able to do more tests at the same time then with a single CRM.

(Mike Pagozalski, CMI) #5

It really depends on your state’s regulations. Here in Florida its tough to use anything but Radalink for most people.