Red ? Mark Under SENT icon

Did a commercial inspection before I went to hospital this week for pacemaker surgery. Office called 1 hr ago to tell me client (who is the realtor) had dropped off a check.

I had already uploaded the report to HQ’s web site, so I pulled out laptop, logged on and hit send email. It looks like the agents copy went out BUT the clients part shows a red ? mark under sent.

I’ve got off / got back in 2 more times with same results.

Anybody got an idea whats going on???

Its not your fault. The email was identical for REP and Buyer so HG was happy and didnt see both. I fixed it though.

I hope you are doing great on the surgery. Fast healing!

Is it sent OR do I need to resend it.

The blood clot surgery at Thanksgiving went OK and I’m back from it BUT my heart went into afib and kept registering in the 30’s. They said thats TOO low

They could not get it back in sync SO they put me in hospital Sunday and then Monday did a dual chamber pacemaker implant. Came home Wednesday and feel like I got run over by a mack truck … Then it backed up over me 2-3 times.

Not driving, arm in sling so I don’t pull heart leads loose till they get set (they say 2-3 weeks for that); no raising arm over chest height for couple of weeks (that sucks looking at food on upper pantry shelves or shirts in closet), not pulling sweaters, etc over head (its cold here), etc, etc.

Sleeping sitting up in lazy boy type chair. Other than that I feel spiffy.

Feel better Dan .

Thanks Bob …

Never like sitting still.

Take care Dan. I had open heart surgery and I know the mac truck feeling. Relax the best you can and get better. Hope you will write in the forum even more I think everyone enjoys your insight.

Get better Dan. And relax.

John …

To be honest I don’t bounce back as quick as I used to. Getting worn down

1st heart attack in 1986 at age 40. Then another in 1996 … Both angioplasty. Then in 2007 a quadruple heart bypass. In 2015 3 days for minor heart afib with no surgery - Just the paddles. Then at this Thanksgiving the blood clot that shut down my left arm and surgery for that. Now the Pacemaker.

Wounded twice by bayonet and gunshots in Vietnam in 1968 … 2nd one had me on hospital ship for 1 week, hospital in japan for 1 week, and Great Lakes Naval hospital for 5 months. A car wreck and roll-over in Dallas in 1982 gave me 4-5 days in Baylor Hospital with a Broken Jaw-Lacerated Scalp. Torn rotator cuff surgery from a judo tournament in 1994 left me sitting around staring at walls for a few weeks. A fall in 2015 with 3 bulging disks and multiple pain management shots in the spinal area slowed me down for 2 months. Removal of Basil Cell Carcinoma in 2016.

Yet between each issue, I’m in great health just getting worn a bit and thinking how lucky I am to have gotten up each time

Dan, remember…

Everyday is a good day.

Everyday above ground is a better day.

And most importantly, everyday someone does not shoot at you is a great day!!