Bad start /saturday night

Soon as it got dark the local generator blew up and put 38,000 of us in the dark.Five minutes into it wouldn’t you know it I get a call for a home inspection.So here I am try to talk to the guy during the comotion and to top it off he has a thick accent.
Anyway I asked him to please send me the info by E_mail and since I left and came back the power is back on but no E-mail.
I was wondering would the E_mail return to sender if my power is off.
At least I got his number and address of the new construction he wants me to inspect.
Another thing is I let this guy bargain price.
Does anyone here bargain price as I would like my prices to reflect top notch service and not be looked at as cheap.I have so far never set foot in a real estate office.P>S He got me down to $300.00

Mail sent to you stays on the server until you download it. If your isp lost power also, mail would bounce back to the sender.