Redfin Open Book

I just found out that Redfin is requiring their Realtors to post the inspectors info and other service providers and it subjecting them to online ratings without their permission.

I can see this being a real problem. I read one rating of a local inspector. Here is how it reads

Issues are very minor and mostly cosmetic. He received a 1.5 out of 5 stars. He has no way to correct this review. Is this really an accurate way to measure inspector quality?

I can see if you sign up for a service and there is some control but to what standard was this inspector measured? Certainly not any SOP I have every read.

Inspectors beware!

I have a message into the local Redfin rep to get more information.

Where can this be found at?

You can do search for your local market. I am in the SF Bay Area. I posted the link for Chicago here for you area

Hmmm,I am not listed which can be good or bad however the reviews look to not be all that accurate from what is there.

Guy at bottom of the list is considered an expert by many but has the least stars all because one is 5 stars and another is blank…odd.

My issue with this is what is the criteria for evaluation? Is it based on the SOP? I am guessing not because most clients don’t take the time to read the SOP. So how can the quality of the inspection service be evaluated when the criteria being evaluated is not the same criteria or standard to which the inspection was performed?

I spoke with Chad who is the Open Book Program Manager. Here is his contact information.

Chad Dierickx | REDFIN | Open Book Program Manager | Tel: 206-576-5982

At this point he is not interested in changing the style or method of review. He stated the review is a subjective “loyalty” review and not tied to actual inspection quality. I explained to him that customer satisfaction can only be accurately rated when the service rated is against a known standard. He backed up his position with the fact the the rating system is in use in many other similar venues and they have been using it for over 8 years. I explained that the relationship between inspector and client and Realtor and client are very different. We (inspectors) get one shot and many times don’t even meet our clients (despite our best efforts). Where as the Realtor may meet several times with a client over a period of weeks, months, years and has many opportunities to build “loyalty”. How can these evaluation system be similar and yet accurate? I propose they cannot and should not be.

Chad also stated that the program is NOT OPTIONAL. Inspectors will be reviewed regardless of their desire to participate.

I can see an opportunity for the inspector community to use this as a great marketing tool but we need to have input into the review process to make it fair.

I suggest we all forward our comments and thoughts to Chad so we can have an impact on this process which we will be a part of with or without our consent.

Good follow up and thanks for the information as it is good to be aware.
Are these reviews showing under a regular Google search?