Can any of you help me? I am looking for someone who has real experience to look at some of my reports and give me some suggestions. I am coming to the end of my first year in business, and i have had 33 inspections. I do not get realtor referals. It seems they give me one or two, then i never hear from them again. I need to know is it me or do they just give me the sh$% houses?

If you want to send me your last 2 inspections I will look at them as time allows this weekend.

Chris… how does the Sample Report on your website compare to the actual product you present to your client? Just skimming through it, I see a few items that I do not care for, but everyone will have their own opinion.

I have a full weekend, but if you want to send me a current report, I will find time this weekend to review it for you.

Send to:

What program are you using for your inspections?


I see a few issues in your sample.

Thanks Gentlemen, This is the real reason for joining the association. I am looking forwards to hearing your remarks, It can only help me to become better at what i do! There is no better education the experience.

Chris… you have email. :twisted:

Btw… since AZ is licensed… be sure you follow any regulations in respect to your reports… no matter what we may say. :wink:

You know what I find interesting???

This is the CMI section, and (unless I am mistaken) not one single CMI has stepped forward to help Chris out!

Isn’t there something in your Ethic’s about helping other inspectors in need?

Yep, says alot!

Chris thanks for sending it.
Going to comment here as it is not that bad and I am not trying to teach system basics or anything home inspection related as that is your years of training and opinion rather than mine.

Just a couple things.
I would get rid of the need to have every room as a section and combine them into an interior section to make it easy reading for the client and though may be personal choice not a fan of the check boxes that need a decoder.

Place issues in a different color or font such as red.

Make sure comments are in the right sections with the pictures.
example: picture of breaker in panel section but the comment on double tap in breaker section.

Other wise just needs fine tuning.
Bear in mind if you have no comments there is no reason to have a N/A in my opinion because it just takes up space.
Backing up opinions with some standard practice canned comments in certain areas may help as well.

Not terrible however.
Agents using you a couple times only means nothing and is common.

This CMI is busy working.

NACHI will review reports for free
I know fellow member Nathan of Residential Services Group reviews them for free also.

I personally think most home inspector reports suck. Nobody wants to read a book with a bunch of disclaimers in it.

…and lots of referrals to qualified trades for further assessment.*

*Note: Although this covers the HI’s ***, it doesn’t endear the HI to the customer or the realtor. Last week, had one realtor (have done 4 inspections for her family) comment on this item. She talked about a few HI’s that just about always have referrals to trades on older homes- it usually adds 3-5 days to the sales process!!

Thanks again, I am working today on the template. I have one inspection scheduled for wednesday looking forward to it… I appreciate the time that you have taken to review my reports.

Well Jeff well said sort of, I too have been busy. and this is the first time i seen this post, Chris you can email the worst house you have done.
i be happy to look it over , and yes i seen a lot POS homes lol

On Mon, Dec 10, 2012 at 7:31 AM, Chris Kenyon <> wrote:

Good Morning Nick,
I wanted to take a minute this morning to show appreciation to four of our fellow brothers. Last week I posted a thread on the CMI message board, asking for help reviewing my reports. I am coming to the end of my first year as an inspector and I am concerned as to why realtors don’t give me many referals. These four gentlemen took time to read and critique my reports. This is what the association is really about. My hat is off to John Harrison, Jeffery Jonas, Bob Elliott, and Martin Karl. Thanks to everyone!!!

Chris Kenyon
A-Z Inspections Inc
241 N White Mountain Rd.

No problemo Chris. Feel free to email me directly in the future if need be, as I am also busy, and don’t always get to sections of this MB that have no direct bearing on my business. I guess all the CMI’s are too busy over on the Florida threads. :roll:

Good luck to you! :slight_smile:

Okay one more thanks to Tim Spargo. THANKS TIM!!!

My pleasure Chris, anytime.

Chris if you don’t mind what suggestions what made so all can learn?

They’re called “Private Messages” for a reason.