Reference Material

Send me a letter and will see what I can do .

I would definitely agree with John on this one. Offer to NACHI Library and stop soliciting.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Seems as though everyone who reads this thread already knows everything there is to know about houses.
Interesting, very interesting…

Not fair and not nice .
If you read here just a little more often I am sure you will see we do have many home inspectors who know a lot about some things and we continually help one another,
I have been doing inspections for a long time and I sure appreciate the help that I am given .
Just possibly if you had visited more often and asked questions and read what others had to give charged a proper amount for an inspection.
The word ex might not be on your name .
Please keep visiting and you too might just find out how great this BB is and how every one gets information and improves ourselves .
Roy Cooke .

By observing your weakness in selling a handful of books without being abrasive, it is no surprise that you found yourself with not enough work to stay in business.

Perhaps you should invest in some new books that will help you with a new career, like…“Would You Like Fries with That?” by Ronald McDonald.

There is nothing wrong with switching careers. Some government positions can be very lucrative. If you can make more money and be happy then go for it.

Why attack the guy for making a decision that is best for him?

For those that don’t know, the CarsonDunlop is considered by many to be an excellent HI training program.

No attack, Paul. Just an observation…

Maybe your secret committee should give him an award.:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Send me $20.00 US and I will take it off your hands.:twisted:

Carson is not too bad but Dunlap puts me to sleep. Make it $40.00;)

Many of us have all the freaking reference material we will ever need and more. Anyone that has been at this more than a few months probably already has a fairly extensive library.

I’ll take donations of reference material, but no room in the budget for anymore.

Things haven’t changed one iota.
Everyone gets their backs up real quick.
It amazes me that you of all people Roy tell me to check out the message board, you know full well, because you helped, that I was the person who got NACHI its first meeting in Canada.
You also know full well that there is a bunch of crap thrown around on here, and when I do have time to kill and I check out the other threads it amazes me that some people can actually make any money doing home inspections with the questions they ask.
I have ABSOLUTELY no desire to be a part of this industry, there is ABSOLUTELY no regulation in place in CANADA and anyone can call themselves an HI. During our last conversation even you told me about being blackballed by the Real Estate people in your area.
The Home Inspection industry will go no where in Canada until the government does something and realizes that there is more than CAHPI and its provincial affiliates, the Real Estate Brokers and their agents actually abide by their Code of Ethics and there is a strict regulation put in place regarding qualifications.
Besides that, I now work with the Law, and I sleep comfortably at night.

Rob Please read what you posted .
I had no idea who it was I just read what I saw and it looked like to me at that time that some one was trying to be factious about home inspectors in general and I will stand up to all who I think are ridiculing my Profession.
Sorry I am not taking any thing away from you .
You most certainly did have a lot to do with where NACHI is in Canada.
If I had seen that for what it was meant to be I would not have bit at you the way I did.
Sorry again Rob .

Quote: Originally Posted by ex HI Seems as though everyone who reads this thread already knows everything there is to know about houses.
Interesting, very interesting…

Roy Cooke …

No worries Roy.
I will be deleting every one of my posts by next weekend.