Reference Material

Anyone interested in upgrading your knowledge can purchase a lot of excellent information in the form of the Carson, Dunlop & Associates Home Study System, all modules plus videos. I will also include assorted CMHC publications that will upgrade your knowledge. I also have a Moisture meter that I will throw in as a bonus.
Send a private message to me if you are interested.

Ex Home Inspector

Yeah I figured as much. You are all too smart to need any more information!

It might be helpful to some if you posted pictures and price.

Just a reflection of what is happening in the Real Estate market… folks are waiting for better prices and deeper discounts. :smiley:

It also might be your signature. If it didn’t do you any good why would someone else want something that you failed with.

**Ditto Greg:roll: **

It did do me good.

Trouble is I accepted a Government position with good pay, benefits and a pension.

ex HI…please, just don’t go postal on us. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah right!

I happen to be the guy who set up the first NACHI meeting EVER in Canada in Barrie Ontario in December 2003, so plesase don’t insult my intelligence!

Huh??? Why is that insulting your intelligence? Wait, I get it, your funning with me, right?

Funnin’ with ya. Nah.

A good ole Canadain boy would never do something like that .

Maybe kid ya, or pull your leg, but I would never do what you refer to as funnin’

We have a large percentage of home inspectors who have taken one of the school training and now are instant home inspectors .
We have no shortage of these want to be home inspectors .
In order to get field training and experience they start charging less .
Many agents just love them as they are soft and bend to the agents wants .
Unfortunately this is only lowering the class of inspection that is being done .
We did two Inspections today and one was for an 1846 home .
This is the first home to sell in that area for $1,000,000:00.
They used the Highest price inspector around because they new that we always give a full proper inspection.
It had a 600 sq foot Ice house the walls where 30 inches thick.
It had a gorgeous 4,500 sq foot Horse barn with a second level for the staff.
The home had ( A first for me ) a lead lined box in the attic that would hold about 2,000 gallon’s of water .
It was built out of planks 3 inches thick by 14 inches wide and they looked like they had just come from the mill .It had a screened cover . It sat over one of the inside walls .
All walls where made of brick as far as I could see and the thickness inside where about 20 inches outside about 30 inches all hand made bricks none the same .
The foundation was also Bricks same sizes.
I think the tank would have been for fire fighting or water supply to the home ?
It needed some repairs to bring it from a grand home to a magnificent home of about $100,000:00 ±.
I expect the lady is going to buy it and have me back for consultation again .
Told her $100:00.
We charge what we are worth.

Roy Cooke … … CAHPI-ON

Hey Roy,

I did some restoration work in a previous life as a Master Carpenter on a house that sounds somewhat similar to the house you speak of.
The “water box” in the attic "Attic was bigger than most houses!), actually served the house water system through an extremely complex series of pipes and joints. IThe house had been built in the mid 1850’s (so I understood) by a Founding Father of the area who owned just about every business and thing around.
The water was loaded into a tank from the rivers nearby, brought up to the house and emptied into the tank using some sort of pump. The water flowed from the tank into the house using gravity.
It was an extremely intersting set up and house.
Unfortunately the house was mostly destroyed by fire a few years after I finished on it.

AND NO I did not burn it down, it was hit by lightning!

Where I’m from spit Funnin is what a dog does with your leg. You boys aint gettin nasty on here, are ya? spit If you are, ya’ll need to get-on-outta-here! Skidattle! mowsy along. get my drift PARTNER?

Sorry couldnt resist. :wink:

2 of my students interested- e-mail me with pricing and details-
Bill Merrell
Merrell Institute

Reference Material Available:
Costs shown are actual retail. Make an offer.

Complete Home Inspection Home Study System from Carson Dunlop & Associates along with the instructional videos. $3000.00 Cdn.
CMHC Publications:
Glossary of Housing Terms $15.00
Canadian Wood Frame House Construction $25.95
Building Solutions $34.95
(A Problem Solving Guide for Builders and Renovators)
Healthy Housing Renovation Planner $34.95
Building Material for The Environmentally Hypersensitive $29.95

Electrophysics Moisture Meter $165.00

Note: Shipping arrangement and costs to be paid by the purchaser.

I will forward the information to the interested students. Thanks for the details- I will post the info asap.

Bill Merrell- Merrell Institute

So is no one still interested in gaining some valuable reference material to make themselves better prepared and more informed to do their jobs professionally and ethically??


I don’t think you would like my offer. My only interest in purchasing these would be for the NACHI Library.

Y’all tawk that-a-how up therr in Washintin???:stuck_out_tongue: