How is it I keep refreshing and still lose by 10 post, o well Merry Christmas

Did I win this one LOL

slow internet

Darren I’m getting carpel tunnel over here. Im like an 8th grader that discovered porntube lol

LOL yep, also supposed to have fast internet

Bots set up somehow… only way to beat them is to make every giveaway random… “8th comment wins this, 17th comment wins that” etc. that’s my two cents anyways

Yeah what Jay said

I promise I’m not a bot and I have won multiple times

LOL. How many home inspectors do you think are capable of setting up bots to monitor Nick’s giveaway posts?

I’ll take it!

Nachi is just saving the best prize for you!

agree with Jay

I think I have missed everything today… LOL. I can’t refresh fast enough…

This is how smart I am what the hell is BOT

Yeap…the system is/has always been rigged :mrgreen:

Oops, missed the Infraspection prize. :slight_smile:

ya gotta b a bot.16 replies before I could hit send

me too refresh every minute sometimes 50 responses before I can even post

You need to be refreshing at better than 60x/minute if you want to get in. Remember that part of the purpose of this thing is to produce web hits for the site.

Treat it like you’re doing a manual DOS attack.

Mark all forums read to minimize transmission traffic and hammer the new posts button. If there are no new posts, you can immediately hit it again without the mandatory 5-second wait.

Chuck don’t be naive - there’s been several threads posted today where it isn’t even a giveaway, but all the same people are instantly posting the same exact response on any new post made on the forum. Anyone capable of a google search and a little time can set it up. I’m sure there’s plenty of people that have won fair and square, but it’s seems pretty obvious that people are using some automated assistance.

The only true way for it to be random winners is to set a different winning number for each post. There’s so many people replying at once on the posts it’d be completely random.