Refrigerant line question

Is there anything against using hard copper pipe with soldered fittings on the suction side of the AC refrigerant line?

Depends, is approved for refrigeration? thick wall or did Billy bob use water pipe lol

The soft copper line sets that are used are cleaned inside to prevent contamination of the system. Water pipe isn’t prepared the same way. Plus with the rigid you will need more fittings and thus more areas for restriction and possible leaks. Soldering put contaminates inside the pipe and isn’t as secure of a connection as brazing.

these have different ID and OD than soft copper and as already pointed out not made to the same standards. I still find copper lines for gas used for plumbing with boogered up flared fittings and connections…always leaking

They sell hard drawn refrigerant tubing that is sealed with nitrogen it has rubber plugs in both ends

Yep all commercial lines are solid . I never ad a problem with corrosion

Same here Charley, and all joints are silver soldered. :slight_smile:

Yes sir I used to cuss those dudes that used soft solder on suction lines it is allowed but a pain in the Butt when all yous have in your bag is silver solder the two don’t mix:roll::roll:

1107.5 Materials for refrigerant pipe and tubing. Piping materials shall be as set forth in Sections 1107.5.1 through 1107.5.5.

1107.5.3 Copper tube. Copper tube used for refrigerant piping erected on the premises shall be seamless copper tube of Type ACR (hard or annealed) complying with ASTM B 280. Where approved, copper tube for refrigerant piping erected on the premises shall be seamless copper tube of Type K, L or M (drawn or annealed) in accordance with ASTM B 88. Annealed temper copper tube shall not be used in sizes larger than a 2-inch (51 mm) nominal size. Mechanical joints shall not be used on annealed temper copper tube in sizes larger than 7/8-inch (22.2 mm) OD size.


1107.5.4 Copper tubing joints. Copper tubing joints used in refrigerating systems containing Group A2, A3, B2 or B3 refrigerants shall be brazed. Soldered joints shall not be used in such refrigerating systems

and you all thought I only knew Electrical…lol

Its been a while but I have changed out compressors in refrigerant units that the MFG used soft solder on suction lines. MFG always trumps ya code book

Aww…poopoo…lol…follow the code and you can’t go wrong. And atleast you will have the most unsafe home the code will allow…:wink:

I also wanted to respectfully disagree…lol…In accordance with Section 304.2 of the International Mechanical Code. Where there is a conflict between the code and the installation instructions or listing the provisions of the CODE shall apply. Now, where the code is less restrictive than the listing or manufactures instructions then you follow the listings and/or instructions.

However, the most restrictive will apply here so not always will the MFG trump the code book my friend…lol…Go…Guru…Go Shamu…i mean Guru !

Only if it’s not covered by the code or more restrictive than the code … :wink:

Soldered refrigerant joints are now specifically prohibited by the code, so they cant be used if an IRC based code is in effect.

YEP! I have used that argument more than once Paul.
It could save some HI some much heartache and pain.

I guess I missed calling this out as a potential issue. Next time join the party sooner Mr. Guru. LOL.

John only a amateur would use soft solder on a A/C refrigerant line and if they did not know more than that ya probally have bigger problems than solder joints

lol…I one visit know and then…I will respond sooner next time fella…lol