refrigerator recepticle?

I am a carpenter trying to understand all the trades so I can work my way to be a full time HI. Our electrician has the refrigerator on its own breaker, but the receptacle is not a GFCI, should it be? Since there is a water supply to the fridge. At the panel he uses just a common breaker.

Only receptacles serving the countertop require GFI protection. The 2014 did add GFI protection for a dishwasher.

thanks for the information good to know

The refrigerator can be on its own circuit or powered from one of the small appliance branch circuits. It can have GFI protection.

According to info below, unless it’s a proposed change for NEC 2014, if within 6’ of the kitchen sink the refrigerator will also require GFCI protection, along with a few additional locations. Which IMO is kind of ridiculous.

210.8(A)(7) GFCI Protection for
Receptacles Around Dwelling Unit
Sinks, Including Kitchen Sinks
Change Summary
• GFCI protection required for receptacles located
within 1.8m (6 feet) of sinks in dwelling units
• The words “located in areas other than kitchens”
was removed from the Article 210.8 (A)(7) of the
NEC for 201416
• This change means that all receptacles within 6’
of kitchen sinks, including receptacles for garbage
disposals, refrigerators and other appliances, must
be GFCI protected.

210.8(D) GFCI Protection for Kitchen
Dishwasher Branch Circuit
Change Summary
• Requirements for GFCI protection in dwelling unit
kitchens have been expanded
• Outlets supplying dishwashers are required to be
GFCI protected
• A new subdivision (D) titled Kitchen Dishwasher
Branch Circuit has been added to 210.8
NEC® Text
210.8 Ground-Fault Circuit-Interrupter Protection
for Personnel
(D) Kitchen Dishwasher Branch Circuit. GFCI protection
shall be provided for outlets that supply dishwashers
installed in dwelling unit locations.

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This GFCI thread from a few days ago.

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