Regular Screw Pipe Used as Gas Pipe?

Isn’t all screw pipe that is rated for gas black and pre-painted? Regular screw pipe isn’t allowed for use with gas correct?

Screw pipe meaning galvanized?


Like this…

It looks like galvanized pipe, George. Galvanized may be allowed, but can flake or corrode on the inside and clog the appliance.

Installation of a drip leg, or “dirt leg” may reduce that possibility.

If it’s black iron, it’s okay…

The corrugated yellow looks like it might be CSST? That has to meet certain criteria, mostly bonding.

Some areas yes some areas no some more info here .

Galvanized is permitted in the IRC.

George I am not trying to be mean here I do enjoy helping people, clients and other inspectors so don’t take this the wrong way. Most guys on this board won’t say what is on there mind when it comes to mechanical. I am not trying to discourge asking questions and to learn one must read and or ask questions.

This piping question you asked implys your not a mechanical type person let me help you.

Seamless ( Hard drawn) Piping we work with is basically galvanized (intended for water) black iron ( intended for gas) which both are threaded but not refered to as threaded pipe or painted pipe. The distinction between the two had many reasons corrosion for galvanized non corrosive for gas and black iron. But mainly the biggest distinction was for safety if you saw a black iron pipe one should assume automattically that it is a gas line so do not cut into the line until all safety precautions were taken this was for the plumbers safety.

All though Joe states that galvanized is allowed for gas in the IRC its not in my area the gas company over rules the IRC and here it is not allowed. You have to know what is allowed in your area.

If you or anyone else does not feel comfortable asking mechanical questions on this forum by all means PM me privately and I will do my best to answer your questions.

BTW I am not a CMI by choice (NICK) but I do have over 50 years of hands on expericense in all kinds of mechanical

Yep, galvanized is permitted in the IRC. I would choose to use “better than permitted”.

Red duct tape on a busted tail lens is** permitted** to pass vehicle inspections here in WV…:wink: