Regulator OK?

Anything wrong here?



Question, is that natural gas service line inside the building splitting into to smaller branches ?

Regulator too close to the AC…

LP or Natural?

Not sure what you see as wrong ?
In some places having the regulator inside is accepted but around here they are getting even the meters outside.

The regulator was put there by the utility so you already know the answer because how can you call out a component approved by your local authority?

P.S Joe did I once read you are moonlighting as the local AHJ ?

I resigned that job a year ago when the market picked back up. Doing home inspections full time now. I do maintain my Building Official license.

The regulator is outside. It is natural gas.

Can it be vertical? Can it be outside? That’s what I’m getting at.

They’re outside in my area, along with the meter. Usually connected to supply pipe within 12" or so from/past the meter.

They’re outside in my area, along with the meter. Usually connected right before the meter, either horizontal or vertical.

“…when using the vent limiting device, the regulator must be mounted in a horizontal upright position.”

Valves with vents outdoors must be have the “breather hole [protected] from rain, snow, dust or other foreign particles and insects.”

It also says:

“suitable for multi-poise mounting”

“Vent limiters are designed for use indoors and spaces where limiting
the amount of gas escapement due to diaphragm failure is critical. Vent limiters should not be used outdoors if they are exposed to the environment.”

So I presume horizontal restriction is if the vent limiting device is being utilized.

Vertical installation at my house.

The thing at the meter belongs to the gas utility and is not a typical appliance regulator.

True. But the “thing” is a regulator. I was assuming what you have was also installed by the local utility.

Maxitrol regulators are installed at the appliance.

Mine’s mounted vertically too, Christopher.

…but, have you had that lick 'em and stick 'em rock inspected? :stuck_out_tongue:

Are Copper lines approved for NG supply in your area?

Absolutely. The IRC rules in my area.

I don’t think they made lick 'em and stick 'em 125 years ago. :slight_smile:

These are The real McCoy. Some do need a little tuckpointing work though.

Cool!..mortar joints are so deep that I didn’t think there were any. :slight_smile:

Pretty stone.

Yes the joints are deep and wide. The stone walls are 18 inches deep, consisting of small 1-2" stones up to 30" x 12". Originally first level of two story was plastered over at interior. (Stone walls at side and triple wythe brick at front and rear) I framed it in at interior side, added insulation and receptacles.

The mortar is sandy and is slowly eroding at some areas, though it’s been a really slow process.