Gas regulator snorkel / regulator vent clearance

Have you seen a regulator extension like this? Does your area allow them?

Gas regulators have vent that can, under certain circumstances burp gas. Thus clearance clarence rules. This little snorkel relocates the vent:

In my area new construction has a clearance requirement, there’s no retrofit requirement. See also

My area DOES NOT permit them to be used when a electric service upgrade is made, and insists the gas meter be moved instead. Or, nobody notices.

Yes, and Yes.


I see them somewhat regularly. It’s easier to add an extension to move the vent for clearances than it is to move the meter.

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Do any rules, like length, bends, pipe size… apply. Is there a formal document you could point me to that defines the use of such snorkels in your AHJ?

Yes, often!
Need to get that vent 10 ft from an openable window/door, and any other opening that may create a hazard. Typically, in my area that means going vertical up the wall towards the second story.
I would question where the one in the photo is located.

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After having a few clients/agents freak out about what it would mean to move the meter or the items too close to them, I created this graphic to put in the report. It answers the question about what the simplest remedy is. Anyone can feel free to use it.

Vent regulator extension

And, here’s a clean copy if anyone wants to tailor it to their preferred font/wording…

Copy of Vent regulator extension


Unfortunately I do not know of any requirements on the snorkel itself.

Gas regulator vent clearances are widely unknown and/or misunderstood evidently. I’ve had more than one long-time agent tell me they have never seen that called out in a home inspection before. It is also by far the most viewed blog topic on my website, and it’s not even close.


This was a fun one!

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Looks like they may have made the 10’ to whichever one of these is an intake?


I’d love to see any utility handbook, local code, or regulation that covers this topic. Anyone?

Assuming your question is about the snorkel, and not about the clearances, I found this on a quick Google search. Maybe it will help?


This is Minnesota, not California.
Large areas of this state don’t even follow building codes due to lack of formal governments in most towns less than 3,500 population… which is many!
Large cities make up their own shit on the fly, with some exceptions.
Electric and Septic & Private Wells are State Regulated.

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It is 36” clearance around here.

Similar in Colorado. Leave the big cities and it is a DIY utopia. If it ain’t falling down or killing you, then it is ok.

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