What is this on garage ceiling by water heater

Can anybody identify this thing-a-ma-jig on the ceiling of a Calif condo garage? Looks like a regulator to me.

it does look like a pressure regulator, but I couldn’t tell You what it is regulating from ohio…

Look’s like a gas regulator.
I think if you turn the valve off the Water heater will not work.

Roy is correct. It’s a gas supply regulator and the main shut off for that unit. Very common for CA multifamily construction.

Believe they belong outside as they may expel gas .
Would make a request with the utility to have them move the thing.
Certainly would not want it near anything that may spark.

**That pipe on top is what vents .
Here is an excerpt from the local company.

Service regulators will not be installed:

  1. In locations where dripping water may freeze and cause
    damage or hinder safe operation of the regulator(s).
  2. Less than 3 feet from a source of ignition (including electrical
    circuit breaker boxes, meters, and receptacles) or any source
    of heat that may damage the regulator for inside installations.
  3. Where the regulator vent opening is less than 12 inches above
    final grade.
  4. In locations that interfere with pedestrian or vehicular traffic
  5. Directly above or below an operable window.
  6. Under fire escapes.
  7. Near an air intake.
    If it is necessary for the service regulator to be installed inside the
    building, the following standards shall be met:
  8. Service regulators shall be in a ventilated and accessible
  9. The service regulator shall be located immediately inside the
    wall of service pipe entry.
  10. Each service regulator shall be individually vented to the outdoors,
    terminating a minimum of 12 inches above final grade.
  11. Service regulator(s) shall not be located:
    a) Less than 3 feet from a source of ignition (including
    electrical circuit breaker boxes, meters, and receptacles)
    or any source of heat that may damage the regulator.
    b) Under an interior stairway that is the sole exit or is
    designated as an emergency exit.
    c) Under a fire escape exit.
    d) Directly above or below an operable window.
    e) In a space occupied by another tenant.
    f) In locations that interfere with pedestrian or vehicular


It is what Jeff said. Gas regulator. Seen in multi level condos. Downtown Santa Ana is loaded with them as is the area around Angel Stadium

Yes and there is no danger in the location however I do not see any firestop at the gas line and would recommend that in the report.

Are you nuts ?
Like I said that pipe in the center vents gas.

Regulators do not belong inside.(period)
Get it outdoors where it belongs.


They have been installed in hundreds of multifamily buildings throughout CA and have never presented an issue. Perfectly acceptable by our standards.

Here to but only in areas well sealed from the building by firestop.

I have multiple gas regulators within my building envelope.

Am I in danger Bob?

edit: To be fair to Bob I post this link with regard to service gas regulators and appropriate venting.


I see no problem with the OP installation.

Line gas pressure regulators shall comply with the following:

  1. An independent vent to the exterior of the building, sized in accordance with the regulator manufacturer’s instructions, shall be provided where the location of the regulator is such that a ruptured diaphragm will cause a hazard.

The OP looks like it has a remote vent to the outside to me.

I see them inside garage at times, even near exterior AC units but they have remote vents extending outside or a safe distance away from appliance.

That 3 inch pipe in the middle is the vent .
Do not see it going through drywall.

I may be wrong but this appears to be the remote vent.:wink:

[ATTACH]Gas regulator2.jpg[/ATTACH]

How is this explained ?

Gas regulator.jpg

It looks like galvanized pipe and I thought black pipe was the preferred pipe for gas because (zinc-galvanized material) can flake off inside of the lines and cause stoppage?

I don’t like to throw people down a rabbit hole so look at the bold portion.

OK that does look more like it.
I could be wrong about the vent pipe location.
Not throwing anybody down anything as I take nothing personal because debate is how we get truth.