REI 7A-0 still being used??

I had my boss, at the consulting firm I work for, ask me to look over an inspection report a fellow in Houston had done on a home his daughter is selling. The first thing I noticed was it isn’t the same form I use and after looking it certainly isn’t. We aren’t supposed to be using this form at all anymore or am I nuts??? Ok I’m nuts but we still aren’t supposed to use this form at all right? It’s dated Sept. 4, 09

7A-1 has been required since 2/1/09. Currently either 7A-1 or 7-2 can be used and 7A-1 will be retired sometime in the next few months.

Thanks Mike! That’s what I thought but wanted to check before I said anything. I owe you a cup of coffee…

So now I’m wondering why someone with a TREC number in the 7000’s and five IRC certs. would use the wrong form? Could he actually not know better?

I don’t see how, but you never know. You would have thought someone would have noticed it by now and pointed it out to him. If he’s not using 7A-1 then I suspect he is not inspecting to the proper SOP either. That went into effect 2/1/09 as well.

I’ve seen a few guys using the 7A-0 still because the software from the company they were using went out of business and they hadn’t upgraded yet.