Reinforcing back door

Not so far time ago I got my house invaded. In the morning I woke up because of the noise on the first floor, I called the police, took a gun out of the safe in my bedroom and went down the stairs. When I took the stairs down, the thief had gone. I found the back door wide opened, and some mess in the kitchen. The thief didn’t have time to steal something, but anyway I don’t want to face this situation again (nobody wants), so I decided to make my house a safer place. My back door is sliding and made of plastic and glass. How can I make the door do not open from the other side? Please, share your opinion on that. Thanks!

Sorry to hear that, John. Unnerving experience. Happy you and your family are safe.

From my point of view, you want to know if an intruder is within the proximity of your home so you can be better prepared to call the proper authorities and protect your family.

A: Remember, most valuables can be replaced through your insurance provider.
B: Other valuables belong in a safety deposit box.
C: Expensive objects require secondary security. Alarm system companies do a good job.

It all boils down to, Monitoring, Alarms Lighting-outdoor/indoor. Lights and noises scare away most intruders.

Popular Mechanics: 8 Simple Ways to Burglar-Proof Your Home.

Keep us posted on what choices you decided on to protect you home and family.
Best regards.
Robert Young

A wood dowel such as an old piece of broom handle can be placed in the lower track on the inside of the door. This makes it virtually impossible to slide the door open even if the lock has been defeated.

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Dogs do a pretty good job of keeping people from wanting to come in the home. I went with two German models.


That would definitely work. LOL

None of the sliding glass door methods posted prevent me from jacking the patio door up with a crowbar. You need a pin that locks the far (inside) bottom edge of the sliding door into the track.

Or…better yet replace the slider with a Anderson hinged patio door.

Beautiful, I agree! We have a near 200 lb Newf that seems to keep people off our steps quite well, even though he’s a gentle giant! :grinning:


A female golden retriever will scare the shit out of you, Then lick you to death. :dog2: :stuck_out_tongue:


One of these should work. sliding-door-lock

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Yes, beautiful dogs as well. Our daughter wants one! :slight_smile:

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There are a couple Newfies at the dog park we go to. They both run around like a couple goofy kids, not knowing just how big they are.

Pretty much anything with a bark is going to scare off most intruders. Seeing the size of the dog behind the bark will take care of the rest.

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If you come calling
He’ll be mauling with intent to maim
Don’t knock on my door
If you don’t know my Rottweiler’s name


My Lab has a pretty scary bark… As long as you are on the other side of the fence… All these things are great for the average crackhead, locks only keep out the idiots. If a pro wants in, they will get in and probably when nobody is home. For a sliding door, I would go with the dowel idea, painted to match the frame. Cheap and no holes to drill.

Look out for this one don’t let this sweet face fool you. She has a mean growl.


Beautiful, Scott! :slight_smile:

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Thank you Junior, My wife does therapy dog work with goldens. :grinning:

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Awesome! :slight_smile:

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I turned a baseball bat on my lathe to a length that could be positioned in the track of the opening door so that it opened only 1/4" if the lock was broken.

Well, many years ago, while I was single, a man was trying to break into that door and I woke up and went down there and looked at him through the glass shaking my head no.

He pulled a big knife and broke the glass with the butt of the knife but was so surprised that the glass broke that I had time to pick up the bat. He cut my left hand pretty good, as he entered, but I had the bat in my dominate right hand and broke his arm, knee cap, collar bone and several ribs and got the knife and put the bat over his throat with a foot on either side and dialed 911 and waited for the police to arrive.

It turned out he had escaped from a correctional facility a few miles away and broke into another house to get clothes and a knife (Thank God there were no guns to steal there.)

When the police arrived he was pretty blue in the face.

The next day I went out and purchased a Mossberg 500 pump action 12 gauge. I have since increased my gun collection.


Go Slugger! :smiley: