Sliding door Defect???

Opinions? Not a good picture, but it is a pet door insert.

6909 W Juniper 8-26-09 014.JPG


If installed and operating properly, i.e. the slider latch, I doubt that I would write it up.

The sash to the left of the handle is the pet door insert.

I don’t like em. Security comes to mind (unless Fido has his own key) as well as non-domestic animals finding their way in.

As a child, my uncle had a pet door in the garage for the dog.

Until a skunk found the garage nice and warm. :shock:

I did not realise how bad the picture was until I got home David. Maybe this will help.

Ohhhh…the pet door that is not shown in your pic.

I hate exterior pet doors. Too many issues. I always write up the location of pet doors.

Easily removed and the seller will probabley take it with him… or leave the dog :slight_smile:

I always mention it as a security item …a pretty good sized individual could get through one of those if they really set their mind to it…

Well we have a few opinions. I also always writ these up myself too. They rarely lock properly, they are rarely installed properly, are not really part of the sliding door. More often than not, my clients forget that this thing was there at the time of inspection.

I usually won’t mention these unless the latching hardware has been removed from the frame or door, or if the doorway has been modified in a manner that will prevent the slider from functioning properly after the insert has been removed.