Exterior door

I know that exterior residential doors should be opened inside and commercial doors outside…but does a residential main entrance door which opens outside with hinges also on the outside should be changed…?
What are the requirements?

P.S Not opening over the stairs, it does have resting area and is also protected with a shade…so no snow accumulation. The only concern is what if someone decides to take the main entrance door out by working on the hinges…?

Gotta watch those ruf-in carpenters, they installed it inside out?

Security concern .
Write it up.

Hinges can get pulled and in they go. I’m with you Bob. Write hard!!

There are plenty of hinges with non-removable pins. If the door is an entry door and doesn’t have NRP type hinges, write it up and advise as such.

Did you check the hinges? They make security hinges for just this purpose. My mom has them for the French doors opening out onto the patio. It is only an issue if they are regular hinges without the security pins.

check the hinges…I just installed a jeld wen that had a security detail worked
right into the hinges…you could remove all 3 pins completely and still not remove the door…not all hinges are the same.

Thank you guys…

Fairly common here. Just make sure there are security hinges like others have mentioned.

Found one today on the rear patio door.
This is what I wrote:

The patio door hinges are incorrect. The pins can be pulled out allowing entry into the home. Recommend tamper proof hinges be installed for safety.


Heck, most regular hinges can be made to work. Many have the screw holes on the two plates that line up. Take both screws out. Replace one of the screws with a nail that sticks out 1/4 inch and into the other hole when the door is closed.

I guess we are getting into carpentry board now…