Reinspection and attempted repairs.

I inspected a home in July this year and just did the inspection for the same house.

I remember it well. The seller called bellyaching and threatening to sue.

The buyer walked in July.

This time around the fixed about 6 items properly that I noted, like a GFCI, rusted exterior shut off at the A/C and a few other minor items.

Now there was an issue with the vinyl siding and all that was done was one damaged section was replaced. (With the wrong color and using gutter screws to hold in place) The same areas of buckled, loose siding was still present. I told my recent client to have a qualified siding specialist repair and not Joe homeowner or Uncle Wally.

Next was the deck steps. The repair to this was a joke!!
The steps are still sitting on cut stringers.

The furnace flue pipe was painted. In July it was stained and rusted. The same dirty filter was in place so I advised professional service or proof of documentation. The painted flue pipe in the photo looks good but it was already starting to rust and I am sure it was never serviced.

There was also a stain on the counter and there fix was to cover with a plant.

I am posting the before and after pics for your enjoyment.

The house was priced 20K less this time around.

I wonder if Joe homeowner will be calling bellyaching again.

129908 021 (Small).jpg

129908 008 (Small).jpg

129908 009 (Small).jpg

122508 016 (Small).jpg

122508 041 (Small).jpg


don’t worry if he calls and belly aches. Tell him you can not talk to himm about the report because it is a confidentiality (spelling?) issue between you and your client.

That’s funny. Guess he didn’t count on the same inspector showing up again and knowing where to look :slight_smile:

Gee, those cut stringers are spares, what is the problem?
Galvanized paint spray from the Orange Box, they said it would last a life time.

Nit Picker. :mrgreen:;):slight_smile:

Just me. Wouldn’t the steps have to be as wide as the the opening of the railing?

Hacks…they’re everywhere. I’d simply note the shoddy repairs (plus any additional defects) and I’d inform my clients that I had inspected this home prior to their inspection.

I had two previous occasions where Sellers attempted to sue me over (what they claimed) were damages that I had did to their home. My Buyers walked from these homes and the Seller felt that they needed to take recourse, so they filed complaints with the State. The Massachusetts Licensing board threw both cases out.

Nice attempt on the Seller’s behalf.

Funny. :stuck_out_tongue: Dropping the price is a good start, let the new owners fix it right.

John Kogel

Hope it cost him some money too, Dave.
Maybe next time he will get his crap together and only to find out when you sell crap, you get crap for it.
Nice going.

Marcel :):smiley:

David You picky deal breaking bugger…no wonder houses aren’t selling in ohio…you’re killing all the deals man…cmon now those stairs …what is that a 3’ drop when they fail…probably just a couple scratches …not that big a deal…:roll: