September 11, 2001

My first inspection of the day was in Salem New Hampshire. I arrived to find the homeowner sitting on his couch with a “stunned” expression on his face watching the first “Twin Tower” burn. As I introduced myself we were both shocked to see the second plane hit the second tower.

By this time I also sat down on the couch and watched in disbelief as both towers burned and then eventually fell to the ground. The homeowner was a young man in his 30s and he let out a yell and then cried as the first tower plummeted to the ground. I hardly noticed when the homeowner’s wife arrived. One thing that I did notice and will always remember is the look on her face as she entered the house and saw her husband sitting on the living room sofa and crying.

It has been a long decade. This is one day that I will always remember, and I still pray for all of those innocent men women and children who were murdered on that day.

God Bless all of the people who were Murdered on 9/11!

God bless America!

I was on an inspection. We all stopped to watch TV after hearing about the first plane. Then the second plane hit, and only then did we realize the country was under attack.

Please say a Prayer for all of those murdered on 9/11

I was working on a construction site operating a track hoe. I always listened to Todd-N-Tylor in the morning, they would occasionally do off the wall radio skits.
When I heard on the news of the first plane I thought it was one of thier skits, but soon realized that this was not the case. As news spread the entire construction site just shut down. everyone was allowed to go home early due to the apparent emotional strain the news had placed on the workers.

It surely was one of the darker days in US history.

We must never forget!

We must NEVER forget!

I was in my office (Delta/ ATL) watching it unfold on my computer. I remember the planes stacking up on the runways as they were being grounded. What a relief when all of our planes were accounted for (and safe). The ride home from the airport was surreal, no planes in the sky and no jet noise. Tragic (NEVER forget).

I was working in Jersey just outside of Newark, on the Passaic River, and up on the roof of the building you could see both towers. The receptionist was really in bad shape because her niece’s fiance worked for Cantor Fitzgerald. We drove up the hill to get a better view, and it was just unreal. Everyone was lining the streets, just looking and talking softly. When we got back to the building, the receptionist said her niece called and she spoke to the guy by cell phone, and he was ok and still in the building. But he didn’t make it.

Also, a family friend was the chief corporate nurse for Merril Lynch at the World Financial Center:

I pulled into the Memphis, TN newspaper were I worked for over 20 years and my co-worker jumped into mt truck as I parked and turned on my radio. We worked till the next day getting the news out.

I heard it on the radio on the way to a chamber of commerce meeting, we turned on the TV’S and watched the horror unfold, a chamber meeting I will never forget.