5 Years ago

Five years ago, today, in fact at just about this time, over 3000 Americans, Canadians, Britons and citizens of many other countries were brutally murdered. Like the day Kennedy was shot, or the day of the moon landing, millions will remember where they were on that infamous date.

As we watched that horrid event on television we had it confirmed that there are and always will be the type of men who willingly kill innocents; who willingly man the gates at Aushwitz; who willingly walk into a crowded room and blow themselves to pieces; who willingly do these and those other things that civilized men and women would never do. And to make it worse, if worse it could be made, they do it in the name of a perverted religion that says that if you do not bow down before their ‘god’ you must be killed.

If we have no other single thing to remember from that terrible day; if we have learned nothing but one lesson from those 3000 let it be that the name given to that event; “9-11” , is a rallying cry to all of us; that we must be ever vigilant; that our freedom and safety are not things that have no price.

God bless America, Canada, England and all the other countries and peoples who daily fight those forces of evil so that we all may live in peace and safety. God save and protect those fighting for us in Iraq and Afghanistan.

very well put

These bastards will not be beaten by guns alone. The other way to beat them is when terror does strike, you must brush yourself down, have a stiff upper lip and get on with life show them that our spirits cant be broken. In London last year after the bombing of the underground, London was back to 80% normal, Londoners just stuck 2 fingers up at them and got on with it. New Yorkers picked them them selves up after 911 and have made New York a better place. That is the way to show these bastards that we will not give up our way of life.



I believe that Churchill put it best, as the bombs rained down on London during a terrorist attack of another age;

“Bowed but unbeaten!”

It was Churchill who installed the Bulldog spirit into Britain. Shame he is not around now the world could sure do with a leader like him, or even Regan and Thatcher

Query: What will it take to wake up the wacko left?


A terrorist attack on Hillary Clinton?:mrgreen:

would that be considered a terrorist attack?

If Bill Clinton wasn’t sticking it to Monica Lewinsky, maybe he could have paid attention to what was leading up to 9/11!

We’re at war. Anybody want Hillary Clinton picking up what Bill Clinton and administration failed to lop off at its inception?

Even Hillary Clinton is too conservative for the wackos.

It does not matter who is president, if Americans (or the world for that matter) as a whole don’t wake up and smell what the bleeding hearts are shoveling, the attacks will happen again. And we cant stop with one man, Al-a$$holes will keep coming and coming until every last one of their members have expired. Remember, they think they are holy for dying for their beliefs. How can the rest of the world compete with fanaticism like that? IMHO shove a nuclear warhead up their —, and let God have them. Its time to escalate, not back down now.

While I’m with you on that, perhaps we could leave this thread as a way to remember the lost and pay respect to those who sacrificed themselves to save others, rather than turning it into a political bashing thread.

God Bless all those who have perished.

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Somehow, I couldn’t help but thinking that if we’d have used tactical nuclear weapons on 3-4 terrorist bases within a week of 911, and broadcast the strike on worldwide media, followed by a tough speach, the other governments of the world would have stepped up to the plate to stop this insanity for fear of their own existance, and we wouldn’t be dealing with this issue now.

God bless all of those who have perrished on 911, and God bless our troops who are left to deal with this mess. God help the terrorist, cause I certainly wont!

While I’m with you on that, **perhaps we could leave this thread as a way to remember the lost and pay respect to those who sacrificed themselves to save others, rather than turning it into a political bashing thread./**quote]

Its a shame some people have such a difficult time with this.