Reminder: Most current links to discounts are on the Member Benefits page...


If you drag up a 6-year old thread (which is tantamount to message board sabotage, IMHO)… don’t expect the links to be current.

There has been alot of that lately.

Then followup posters (myself included) fail to look at the original posting date and continue adding to the dead or old thread.

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If you drag up a 6-year old thread (which is tantamount to message board sabotage, IMHO)… don’t expect the links to be current./QUOTE

Why just don’t internachi remove the thread so this does not happen again.

I don’t know… Does the New York Times go back in its archives and delete all the old articles that no longer apply to today’s news? How many references to the U.S.S.R. would they have to delete? It would be a huge project.

How was that post “dragged”, as you call it and the posting date did not change from the original post?? Just saying. :slight_smile:

so the last one to reply, doesnt win???

All someone needs to do is do a search on something and old stuff gets dragged along with new stuff.

Yes, I am glad you brought that up.

There are some links within the membership benefits page that lead to old promo’s (threads) and a simple keyword search in the forum will also bring up old post. i.e. Looking for Staples or Office Depot Discounts type in either keyword any many old links will pop up.

We have many wonderful benefits and some of the old threads have valuable information, however if it’s a link to a promo or offer that is no longer working or Internachi is no longer partnering with a company take it off.

Just an opinion, I say once a year a staff member dedicates one day to sift through threads and members benefits page and scrub the links/threads that are no longer valid. I know it may not remove all, but most will get removed and the newcomer won’t think/know that promo or discount is still valid. As I thought in the past.

Nick, appreciate your hard work and dedication this truly is a large forum and Excellent Association that I am very proud to be apart of.

This is my last 2 cents on this subject.

Appreciate the others comments. :wink:

This search tool: works a little bit better as it doesn’t sift through nearly a million archived posts.

It’s not perfect either though.

Just a thought , put all promotional postings in a seperate thread, reguardless of the nature of the promotion and not under membership benefits. They could be removed much easier with less time. possibly a date removal stamp. jat