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Boy I tell you what. I am trying to buy a new computer and EVERYthing I have checked out so far has been MORE Expensive with our discounts then I am finding in the local stores.

Office Depot is a friggen joke and I talked to our rep personally and there is nothing she can do. She talked in circles and says basically Computers are already at their lowest prices in the store but if not you MAY be able to save a bit. I have not found that to be the case.

I also checked the Lenovo site and EVERYTHING is more expensive on our special page than ANYTHING I have seen in the stores.

I feel kind of screwed and am pretty sure Nick would not approve of their practices.

They are flat out lying about helping us at all unless you buy maybe paper at office depot or something but Lenovo is flat out screwing us if we use their sites.

I am not saying this to B-tch and complain I just want our members to make damn sure they check the local in store prices before trying what our supposedly discount sites and prices are. I have FOUND not one thing better through our programs based one looking for computers.

I DO NOT BLAME INTERNACHI for this in the least but it is my opinion they are lying through their teeth telling us they are giving us a break when EVERYTHING I SEE OFFERED CAN BE BOUGHT CHEAPER WITHOUT USING OUR PROGRAM and discounts.

I believe you should have someone verify what i am saying on the Down Low so they do not change it because I doubt many hee in the forums believe what I say but it is what I have found and I am quite disappointed in those who are pissing on our heads and telling us it is raining.

Once again I want all to know I do not think InterNACHI knows about this or has anything to do with this but they sure as hell are NOT GIVING US ANY BREAKS. Friggin sleaze ball liars as far as I am concerned.

I believe they should be REMOVED from our benefits page to keep OUR MEMBERS from getting screwed from these unscrupulous companies.

I believe their may be one other company that sells computers that I have not checked out yet but I will look into it tomorrow and let you all know.

Never take these people on their word and as far as I am concerned Nick is the only person in the biz whose word I would believe. This has been one hell of a disappointing day.

One of the office depot guys was so damn pushy and avoiding my questions on what my card would save me that i eventually just thanked him for his time and walked out. Every Office Depot just tried to push me ther returned and always slightly damaged or missing parts open box specials. It is a real shame that they are suckering god only knows how many of our members.

Do not believe a damn thing they say without researching the info yourself as all I have met today, well now yesterday were full of complete bullsh-t and trying to screw me.

I was NOTHING but nice, polite and cordial and they would not have hesitated in screwing me had i not done my due diligence.

I would like to see all offenders removed from the bennifit program and it be known NOT to use them through OUR program as it IS NOT THE BEST WAY TO THE BEST PRICES ON COMPUTERS so far from what I have found.

They are claiming to help us and taking advantage of us. Idf i can be of any help proving this let me know and I will be more than happy to help prove what I say so OUR MEMBERS & FRIENDS do not get Fu-ked by these scumbags.

I am truly disgusted by the events of today / yesterday. Best of luck to all in my position. Watch your ***-es and consider dealing with the smaller hometown local dealers who are much more likely to treat us fairly. have a great night and beware.

Really meeker for someone always ******** about snowflakes wanting everything for free you spend a lot of time ******** about not getting special deals or handouts . What a joke .


Do you not think companies should do what they say? The lenovo one is flat out bs the office depot well bad but not more than in the stores just =. sorry to tell your snowflake a-s, that is not right.

Mine does always.

How old is your computer now? I have a 4 year old Lenovo and switched the hard drive to a SSD this week and it is blazing saddles fast. Best upgrade by far I’ve ever done on a PC

Meeker , I bought 2 in one from office max 1 tg hard drive 16 gb memory 599 .00 i have it as spare . I have no idea why you worried about 60 bucks .

probably I paid $3000.00 at the time as I wanted the ssd and ability for my clients to put a wet look signature on the insurance forms I was using. At the time the tech was state of art. and it has 16 gig of ram and is lightning fast but the battery is shot and the cable and possibly screen is going. Trusted repair company says not worth doing. I even had next day on site maintenance plan which saved my a-s at least 3 times as I could not be without it for days / weeks at a time while they played with it and the shipping back and forth. Now if the next one goes down I’ll just get a 200 elcheapo tablet type with keyboard to cover the day but it is not big enough to use every day with these old days. I really wish I could get a laptop that has a display at least the height of a standard sheet of paper. I had an old toshiba once but they do not make the displays like that anywhere that I know of. Seems like people who work on documents would like to be able to view a whole page at a time. In my office I had 3 large monitors and turned one portrait mode and LOVED it for Docs but it eventually dies and I am down to two monitors. I do a lot of dragging and dropping and keep multiple windows open at once in the office. Likely a picture of the setup somewhere in this forum area but I have no idea where as I did not know if I could even get 3 to work at once I knew I could get two. It was like having a supersize piece of paper to my right.

I agree ssd is awesome and super fast. I may my a elcheapo comp and put this drive and memory in but none seem to have touchscreen :frowning:

I can however with the forms I use just have them sign a white piece of paper and put their sig on the doc as an image to make it easy for them.

Work is on and off so I do not have the cash on hand to get another top of the line one.

Hopefully someone can fix this

The sad and miserable life of the meeker continues.

Of course like they say, “you made your bed, now sleep in it”.

If you ever need a new PC, InterNACHI members get discounts that you can access from the Super Deals section at the bottom of InterNACHI’s membership benefits page.

And if you ever want to switch to a Mac remember that InterNACHI members pay less for Apple products. Go here for more information about your Apple discount.

Does Nachi have any deals with DJI? I need to buy a new drone

A new one.
What old one did you have?

Let me rephrase, I need to buy A drone.

The apple deal is legit. But I see what you are saying on the windows computers.

Larry, how can I help?

Mike here, wife and I would love love to see some 50% off iPhone 7 or even 8 's deal for internachi members or at least ourselves :mrgreen: