remote control light

On a new condo, the living room ceiling light turns on to full bright with the regular wall switch (located next to the front door) in the on position and the remote does nothing. When the switch is turned off, the remote will work, dim/on/off etc. The separate fan wall switch and remote fan controls all worked normally. It almost seems like a nice feature to enter the house and be able to turn on the light regardless of where the remote control was last set to or where it might be misplaced. I wrote it up as something to investigate since the buyer was not there to show this to. The room also had a half hot outlet with a wall switch by the front door so the minimum code for a “light” switch was met there. Anyone installed a new remote control fixture lately that has this option?

Just what I need another remote control I can’t keep up with the ones I have now! now where did I put those car keys?