removal of interior wall?

I live in a classic raised ranch bi-level home. My attic is a fink truss. I bought thishouseas a bank property but through my research am trying to figure some stuff out. The ex owner I know swapped the kitchen and dining. Why I dont know but I want to re open as I think the area in my picture that is marked with the red x was already open. I am almost positive this is half a dummy wall as all my neighbors have the classic design. Also I dont even think this wall is load as above is a fink truss attic. When I pulled the floor molding I can also see where the wood floor continues under what seems the dummy wall. Thanks much!

My home

Neighbors home original layout.

Best idea is to pay an expert to come in and tell you what is required .

I know I can not do an inspection from a picture too many variables .

If they are truly fink trusses then they should be a clear span truss. In saying that we are not there to verify this.
You have two options:

  1. Go ahead and cut it out. If the roof colapses or bows down then you know you made a mistake. LOL
  2. Pay an engineer a few hundred dollars to verify it is ok.
    In my opinion option 2 would be the best. It is not that expensive to have it done.
    This is what I would do when wading into the unknown.

Anyone got a structural engineer in central monmouth NJ?

Anyone got a structural engineer in central nj monmouth?

My attic fink truss? Should hold no load the wall bellow correct?

That is clearly full span construction. Unless you have money to burn no reason to hire an engineer to confirm the obvious

I agree Mark. Pictures were not there when I posted.

Did you have the home inspected when you bought it? Just curious.

Course he did. Single wall flue, I hope not, held up with steel strap.
Multiple colored insulation, must come from yard sale, no soffit vent baffles.
Oh and draft face insulation. ETC.


Thats what I saw as well Marcel. That is why I asked. Also those trusses are not meant for storage. Sheer strengh not downward pressure concentrated on the bottom chord.

Needs some electrical work also… Roy

Well, they have to dispose of old doors somewhere Greg, so might as well use them for shelves in the attic. :mrgreen::wink:

And Roy, don’t they all? LOL Almost a given in today’s world. :wink: