Censorship of members?


why not?

I think we’re beginning to have a censored message board, a few days ago Nick was looking for recruits to “Moderate” the MB…some of the folks who responded were the worst offenders----:p----:margarit:—:-;;—](*,)

Their being moved to Here-------------:stuck_out_tongue:


so you’re ok with

a member questioning membership

deserves entire thread removal

not the one’s i posted on this mb, if so i request better directions than your sites home page

That might be the new hangout, the fuzz is getting a little thick around here. :mrgreen:

We’re getting a nice crowd over at Carl’s and my website Barry, feel free to add anything your heart desires-----:stuck_out_tongue:

If anyone wants to talk about licensing on my MB, that’s fine too----:mrgreen:

You could remove all the threads Barry and I would not care that much.

Air any dirty laundry in members-only or staff will probably wack it now.

You got that right Chris…this message board has gone right to hell…very seldom is there anything worth reading or looking at (photo’s)…gone right to hell-----:twisted:

And moderating will not change things much, all the good members with interesting, or basically good information DO NOT POST ANY LONGER—:shock:

will probably? More like Gone in 60 seconds :roll: OK, Nick, why after all the years of listening to absolutely no moderation, why the change??

figures, can’t deal with facts

ban this

It’s probably why earlier today there were 70 something members here and nobody posting anything. :shock:

Any announcements on specifics or is this just a Shaolin style attack?

Nick has certainly changed his mind since he made this post on the old message board a few years back…

"Baghdad Brian’s Board isn’t all bad. Like an Iraqi paper, you can probably trust the weather section.

I might be a little biased as Brian didn’t just delete my posts, he edited them to fool his readers into thinking I said something I didn’t.

Let’s face it. InspectionNAZInews is essentially an ASHI board and Brian is on their payroll.

I can pull post after post of ASHI members touting their association. Where was Goebels (oops I mean Brain) then?

**This NACHI board is open to all: Members, non-members, non-inspectors, ASHI members, NACHI bashers, and Brian himself can come on here and say what they will. Let no truth or opinion (or joke) be censored. **

Nick (proud member of the banned-for-life club).

ps On InspectioNAZInews, stick to plumbing…or the weather.

Now we delete whole threads instead of letting anyone speak their mind. The more we despise something, the more we become like it.


Times are changing my friend, the wands, the macnassholes of the inspection industry are relentless in their pursuit of harming NACHI and NACHI members, the best offence is defence (sometimes).
I fully agree with Nick to moderate this MB.

That’s ok Mario, I fully disagree.

The posts that wand and mcneish put up tell us everything we need to know about them, and always have. We have had many detractors through the years that come here to bash and it never changed a thing, until one former member who was on a committee, and saved every email communication showed up and took exception to some ongoings. It didn’t matter when ESOP members were bashed with lies, but it matters when some (one) are bashed with what some may think is the truth.

Day by day, NACHI leadership is making Bushart look more like Paul Revere …