Reason We Fight Thread Removed from BB

Under the advice of outside counsel, and over the objections of Nick Gromicko, the thread titled “Why We Fight - A Manifesto” has been deleted from the Message Board.

As stated, these instructions were given to HQ from counsel.

Nick believed the membership deserved an explanation, and I agreed with him. This is the reason for this post.

Thank you.

“outside council”?

There is undoubtedly more to this story that we may or may not ever be told.

I do wonder about all the e-mail updates that went out on that thread and now reside on many members computers. Hmmmm

There may have been a complaint filed by the “Gay Alcoholic Anti-Defamation League of Former Pretend-To-Be Military Veterans and Poet Society”.


Council, not counsel…

Council is a body. As in home inspection council.

Counsel as in attorney(s)

One does not act as a councillor at law
Counsellor at law.

Is there an E&O waived deductible for this group yet?

Outstanding! Always good for a laugh, thanks, Brian!:smiley:

Since the pot has now been “unstirred”
No such arrangement has been procured.
But I bet, as we’re typing,
A vendor is hyping
Some way to get them insured.:wink:

This is such a better thread.:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Yes…poetry and rhyming threads rule!

To me this was an eye sore not just to NACHI but to all inspection associations in general. It exhibited the behavioural challenges faced not just by the ethics and professionalism, but also those of freedom of speech. It was at a great price.

Certainly many read it including myself realizing that factually a few other threads are not just for entertainment and education but to show that all associations can fall victim to chinks in their “professional” armour. Certain topics and posts that can be found throughout the forum have and will continue to prove that there can be a very high price for freedom of speech. Freedom of speech should not be confused with freedom to defame, or break any other law written or prescribed by the code of ethics.

I commend those for thoughtful consideration to realize the damage it can render to one and all. I am glad to see those posts removed.

Regards, Claude in Canada

I concur…

It has been brought to my attention that I switch sides now and then so let me see if I can express my self very clearly

Nick is right – The thread should should have stayed – It was not NACHI speaking it was the posters and any reader that could not see the difference we should not worry about. When we start burning the books that we do not like we will start to lose the quality of the world that we have.

Yes, I would like all posters to conduct themselves as if their mother-clients-and kids would be reading same but so be it.

I support the deleting of the thread if it was felt that some might end up in a big $$ legal problem that no one needs. If NACHI did not take the action we could have $$ and time spent on something that would not be helping our members. Thus kill the thread

Lets not push posting to a level that requires people to step in and limit this open form. Freedom of thought and speech does have a price – One can say anything they want anywhere they want in a airplane, theater etc. but one must also pay for the ticket. Sometimes that might include some poor meals at the local institution for government hospitality

Your thread should not have been deleted and you should tell the tread deleter so. It gave us insight to the posters that their clients - mother - kids will love to read.

Thank goodness it was posted in the public area for everyone to see and judge

Thank you Wendy for starting such a uplifting and educational thread

You have then talent to throw fuel on a fire at just the right time to keep the flame burning. I admire your skill and dedication to cause.

While I have some problems with your causes, I have and will continue to work for your right to have your causes. I do find that many times that people and groups that are very firm in their causes become the problem but that is just my thoughts.

The people that think that they should not have died in vain are people that think this way on both sides of the battle field – The other side is dieing NOT in vain in their followers eyes every day they blow themselves up. Who do you know that has the same dedication to cause??

Remember many people HAVE died for causes that have been wrong. Including many of members of our own armed services.

Next time you start a controversial thread and fuel it remember that you started it and it had to be deleted.

I hope that no threads related to our profession ever has to be deleted because they are a negative on same

Perhaps threads related to our profession should be the focus of this association

With that thought I wish I had not started a thread in your name. It was not NACHI – it was personal - and that was wrong

Would you perhaps think about also restricting your posts to HI related subjects??

Do your now see where non related subjects can lead? This BB is about NACHI it is not about the ills of the world

One more thing Wendy don’t take the time to post to my post – Just send me a PM if your must because it would be just another case of you fueling the fire. If you do post a reply – your choice – just remember what you started you could have stopped with a few well chosen words at the start of your thread. You are a good word merchant and it would have not been a problem – but you posted and let it ride – your fault for posting something that was not in the best interest of the HI profession –

Hope your next post will be a little more related to NACHI

I know that mine will

Just my thoughts


I also concur with Michael concuring with Claude (that Claude is a smart guy) :wink:



Since it was only members discussing it, there was nothing preventing it form being moved to a members only section.



Public is where it should have been – I showed the world the true nature of some of our members — Not NACHI

This is one of the costs of freedom – sometimes we must pay

I have no problem with the bar tab even it is a little hit on our fine image


David, I agree that it should have been moved to a members only area instead of being deleted. It was quite instructive as to the personalities of some of the players here. I hope members will have the good sense to keep the public areas for HI related topics in the future.

I can hope can’t I?

This thread was in general, an exchange between 2 members.

Each had the freedom to not participate at all.
Each had the freedom to stop at any time.
Each had the freedom to delete any of their own posts.
Each had the freedom to delete all of their own posts.

They chose to stay in the ring. Who are we to throw in the towel?

Perhaps it is my family heritage that makes me over-sensitive to censorship of any sort. My family controlled, and to some extent still does control, the media for hundreds of millions of people.