Repair of conduit

Is this a proper way to repair this conduit?


Good question
My first thought is not observed.
EMT usually threads in.Is it secure?
What is the temp rating?
Is it used for grounding.?
Is it uv rated?
I would just call it improper use of materials (I recommend a Licensed Electrician examine and evaluate . )

Thanks! I did just that.

Would a Electrical Inspector pass that on new construction…think not.


lol…it’s a plumbing fitting…nope I dont believe any Municipal would pass that so it leaves us to either question the municipal or check records to see if an upgrade was done without a permit.

If the say it’s allowed, which it’s not, I would ask for documentation from the manufacturer. I have a feeling they wouldn’t be able to produce any since this product was not designed to be used for this application.

Yes, it is wrong, but from a purely practical point-of-view, not too high on my list. I’d bet that you are likely to find several more hazardous conditions at that location:mrgreen: