Repair of notched floor joist

Floor joist altered to route a radon vent to the exterior side wall.

  • 2x4 added with drywall screws along the bottom of the cut joist…
  • 2x4 added to the frame of the superior wall
  • 2x4 wedge tucked in where the two are out of alignment…

OMG hahahahahahah, man you are a real Deal Killer Joe… :wink:

Problem is…
This is a contracted repair made by a Carpenter…
I have the reciept and a copy of the Work Order / Contract.

OMG laughing harder now…

So, who’s problem is it, exactly? :cool:

How much of the joist was cut out?

I had a similar cut joist and saw the engineers report during the reinspect.
It basically said that no issue was present since the cut joist was near a wall with another joist nearby.

Guess who hired the engineer? Yep, the sellers.

I would still write it up.

I agree and would, at the least, write it up as amateurish work. IMO, it is not a proper repair for a 4.5" hole from a 4" pipe (it appears). The funny part is the 2 x 4 “column” with the squash block is offset enough to not support anything and is virtually useless; it does look pretty though.:roll:

that squash block is doing next to nothing. Look at the gap already in the squash block.
Is there a toilet or commode directly above the drian pipe.

That squash block is doing Zero.
Why not just transfer the joist too the opposite side of the radon vent? The right side.
Write it up…
If the squash block is already moving, then any weight will expose it fragility.

Just for a FYI the max. notching of floor joists without repair must occur in the outside 1/3 and can be no larger than D/3 in width and D/6 in depth notch not meeting that requirement is included in my report. If it is drilled it must be no closer than 2" from the top or bottom of the joist and must be no more than D/3