Repairs made by a LICENCED electrician

Recommended that water logged panel be removed from “wet location” and new service run to “dry location” by a qualified, licensed electrician.

Well they moved it - living room dry location ok great, but sloppy work.

Checked the original location of the main panel and see it being used as a j box. :roll: propped by a 2x4 over a puddle, secured to the foundation … yea by a water logged/rotting piece of OSB. :shock:

my report states: "Old main panel used as a junction box for the new service. this is a safety hazard as the “junction box is located in a wet location.
This installation is not recognized as a safe installation per national standards. A Qualified, licensed electrician should be consulted to properly relocate/rewire main panel/junction box/s”

Tom I may have to give you my next re-inspection fee so you can keep me from possibly causing injury to this hack if he is present when I do go back to re-inspect this work for a second time!

Techincal term for this brain dead hack installation - unfreakinbelievable!

PS- he charged the current homeowner over $2,000.00 for this cluster****. :roll:

Remember Chris, they think HI’s are jokes! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Chris, that first picture is simply mind boggling what you guys have to put up with where it rains…or have basements…:roll:

Oh, and the photos are incredible at best…:shock:

My client’s REALTOR was present … he looked at me after looking at my photos on site and said “thank you for coming out”. Needless to say client and his RE agent are upset, current home owner is upset, and all their anger is squarely on the shoulders of the hack that completed the work.

Hope someone fixes it over the weekend … I have a CRM to pick up in the area on Monday … perfect for my next re-inspection … it would save me $10.00 in gas! :wink:

You hiring? … I hear it’s all slabs out in sunny AZ! :mrgreen:

I swear, I’m taking your advise … market commercial inspections and not deal with this crap!


Foirward this to that Mike Whitt guy. Maybe he can explain it away.

After all, the NEC is designed to keep handymen like us out of the electrical panel.

Looks like a VERY professional installation.


Just too much for words to adequately express, epecially in cases of gross stupidity or ignorance.

***unfreakinbelievable! ***

They will be published in my articles soon! OK to use them?

My thoughts EXACTLY! Mike Whitt thinks that he is G-ds gift to the Home Inspection industry and that everyone is stupid except him.

**The guy is a joke! **

**One thing that I will give him credit for…it must have been extremely dificult to get this Jacka$$ to hold still long enough to put a cowboy hat on it’s head:p **

Me too, Chris.

I see many such “repairs” done by licensed and union electricians. I would love to put these into my courses.

Just shows that the repairs MUST be re-inspected.

Let’s keep the liability in the right hands, and not in the Home Inspectors.

Repairs made by a…1/11/08 10:40 PM
I guess one of the tradesmen or tradesmen vendors didn’t like my comment. Too bad he didn’t have the balls to sign it, but then they don’t want to put their comments in writing after we point out they screwed it up, either! :roll:

The guy who did that installation was neither an electrician nor was he qualified. At least this job did not show it.

BTW - Nice professionalism from some in this thread. :mad:
Frank, your post was especially out of line!

Welcome to my world. I don’t mind getting reds, just let me know why.

BTW- Us lowly non-members cannot give out reds or greens. One of your NACHI brothers gave you that red.

Oh I’m gunna be flamed.

There is a world where I think in. Peaceful, everyone is safe, and the streams flow with cold beer. I would have tried t completely move the home runs out into the new panel. One problem, I live in the real world.

If the guy changed out the old cabinet for a new corrosion resistant one, mounted it properly high enough (say 6" higher than any high water mark), this topic would be dead. So the problem is that he was lazy in the crawlspace. This is an simple, easy fix, nothing to scream about, except the home owner got the cheapest/fastest fix.


Trust me Speedy, I’m well aware of that. I just think they should sign their name if they wish to leave a red. At least I know it wasn’t Cookie, he leaves his initials on reds!

any images I post are available to all members to use as they see fit.

I see too much of this crap on a daily basis from every trade here in PA.

I post the bad ones here when I really need to vent. :smiley: … It keeps me from sleeping on a piece of cold steel behind bars and other contractors from sleeping wit da fishes :cool:

Pete, those photos where of work completed by a licensed electrician.

I have nothing against you or other professionals that care about the work they do.
This particular electrician doesn’t give a rats *** about his customer. I would post his name only after speaking with a lawyer and having a true professional examine the work completed. I, at this point am unwilling to spend the money needed to accomplish this. For now, I will make sure my client is getting a SAFE and properly wired home, now at the expense of the home owner and his “electrician”

Oh, I totally get that.
Many license requirements are very lax. It doesn’t take much to get a piece of paper. This does not make them a professional. A professional is someone who strives to do the right thing and who cares about his work and his customers.
Even the required years of expereince can be fatally flawed. Work for a hack for five years, take your test, and you too can become a licensed hack. :roll:

I’m not going to give you a red but I will be giving you a call! :mrgreen:
If I read your post correctly you are stating that if he installed a corrosion resistant panel a minimum of 6" above any high water mark in this crawlspace that is wet year round; and of course securely fastened instead of sitting on an unsecured 2x4 that is sitting in a puddle. Then this application would be ok by “national standards”?

I agree 110% sorry I misread your post and *******umed you where implying that I took “liberty” in calling a diy’er an electrician. Though in this state all you have to do is pass a book test. :roll:

Sorry man, greenie for you, and a free coffee/beer if your nuts enough to work in NEPA!:smiley:


Was there a permit, and was an inspection made? If you send me your report I will include that portion of them and mine in my article in ECM Magazine.

Also are there any third party inspection agencies in your area, such as Middle department?

( presenting seminars on electrical safety and rules hat have changed. Got a pretty full schedule so far.