Report hosting site or software?

And so it begins, my naive, probably never ending string of newbie questions! It seems before I can even do my required mock inspections, that I need report templates. What would you suggest, a site host or purchasing software? Who would you recommend for each respectively?

IMO… make an appointment to do several ride alongs with
a seasoned inspector. You will learn more in a few days
than all the books and templates can teach you in a month.

…even if you have to pay the inspector for the chance to
ride along with him.

I highly recommend

For a new guy with limited resources I would suggest something like Report Host since they charge by the inspection and not a big upfront fee. They are also pretty user friendly. They also give you something like your first ten for free.

You can do a trial with Home Gauge as well, but Report Host is nice.




GARAGE DOOR OPERATORS (Report whether or not doors will reverse when met with resistance)
Comments: Repair or Replace
Automatic opener for Garage door at left side (facing front) “left” door (from outside), will not reverse when met with resistance. This is considered unsafe and needs correcting. Recommend a qualified contractor inspect and repair as needed.
A bumper guard is recommended to protect car from foundation wall in garage.

2.3 Picture 1

HomeGauge sample #2, I love this one.:stuck_out_tongue:

Inspectvue :smiley:

Just kidding they are both good, get a demo of the differnent software programs and decide which is better suited for your needs.

Like Brian said, get some demo software so you can make an educated decision…in the mean time, will allow, I believe, up to 10 free reports, which is good for your four required mock inspections.

Biggest problem is that once you start using something, its dificult to force yourself to change.

Check em all, but Homegauge gets my vote.

HomeGauge gives you a full version to trial for 30 days. Most inspectors use this 30 days to do their required reports. If your time expires and you need more time HG will extend your trial. Why pay per report when you can own the software?

Russell Buchanan
HomeGauge Pres

Brian, dude, this comment you are having fun with is a reflection upon me not HomeGauge software. 5000 sq ft home for an attorney. This garage is short and some kind of bumper guard on the wall or tennis ball hanging down to touch the window is needed. I think its a legitimate concern for any buyer who drives a nice vehicle. Most of the time they would bump a sheetrock wall, not masonry. But hey, I can laugh too at myself, I just don’t understand why you think this one is so funny? (PS…3000 plus inspections and never been sued)

Russel, Dude, I think that if I was an Automobile Inspector the comment would be perfect. As a HI I would reccomend a Bollard myself to protect the HOME.:stuck_out_tongue:

I think your software is a good product by the way.:slight_smile:

Sean said it was your house, who are you trying to kidd?..:stuck_out_tongue:

Fine Dale;)

Well I looked up Bollard because I never heard of that term before:
BOLLARD: A thick post on a ship or wharf, used for securing ropes and hawsers.

…my comment bumper guard was not meant to imply something you would put on the car. I was referring to the wall. I just didnt know about a bollard. Around here we call it a post. However, as a HI I am not going to recommend a solution (a post would further reduce the room size and be more expensive than a comment such as bumper guard on the wall). Let them figure out what they need. Maybe they don’t need anything. But, should they pull in to fast in their Beamer and cause damage, I have mentioned it in their report.

What is a hawser anyway? Maybe Ill recommend that next time.

I see your pic Brian of jet skis and your comment…funny. Now I know why you would recommend a bollard.

Just kidding Russel. :smiley:
Homegauge is an excellent product.
Can you spot the Hawser on my JetSki?:wink:

Some day I feel like going to jail, we’ll have to take those to Lake Pleasant, they have a real nice sub-station there…:stuck_out_tongue: