Find A Home Inspector From Homegauge

This is the third caller from HOMEGAUGE “find a Home Inspector” that I received and booked since purchasing the software!!

With this 3rd Inspection, the software has paid for itself and then some. Besides being GREAT software for our industry it allows consumers to find Home Inspectors throughout North America[HOMEGAUGE WEBSITE “find a Home Inspector”].

Thank You HomeGauge and Russell!!!


I have paid for my software and “Gold Service” from HomeGauge from people looking for inspectors on their website many times over through the years.

Absolutely the best software, support (which I never need :smiley: ) and folks who work there anyone will find…:smiley:

Clients just LOVE the reports, the ease at viewing their reports with the username and password (which stay uploaded for five years on the HomeGauge server), and clicking the hell out of my website to see the reports uploaded…:smiley:

Ditto, Ditto and Ditto:D

I’ve been using the Carson Dunlop Horizon reports and like the system and the reports they generate, but have been looking at HomeGauge lately and been trying to compare the pro and cons of both. The biggest draw back I find with Horizon is the time it takes to finalize the report when I get back to my office. Another 1 to 1-1/2 hours to upload pics and write my comments and recommendations. Makes it almost impossible to do more than 2 inspections a day.
I was just wondering how long it takes on average with HomeGauge to do an inspection from start to finish including report writing and uploading pics if you include them.


For example:

2,000 SF home, on crawl 15 years old…3.5 hours and the client has the report in hand. I do not print, I put the inspection on CD and email it also.



With homegauge providing training I’m much faster now than when I first started using the software. I would say it takes me 45 minutes to generate the perfect report at home with photos. I have not generated a report on site. This will be my next step. I just purchased a tablet PC and I’m practicing with it. I would hate to go to an inspection and look like an amateur.


This is doing the report on-site correct?

I’m with you Dale and Robert!!!

Thanks Mario,

The reason for asking is that I will be merging my company with another in the area and joining teams with that inspector. This inspector uses HomeGauge and produces reports on site and then is done. I’ve looked at the system and it does produce an excellent report. However, I like adding photos to my reports, (a pictures worth a thousand words) and I still think Horizon produces a slightly better looking report.( personal opion) Gonna have to do some more research and decide which way to go. Any other comments from others using HomeGauge or Horizon would be appreciated.

Thanks again.

Highly recommend going for the “Gold” :smiley:

Hey Mark. Try testing the various templates and formats offered with the HG software. While what you have seen so far may not meet your taste, you can customize the style, layout, and overall appearance, etc., so many different ways, I’m sure you will be able to produce a report you will be proud to present. Good Luck!


For years I have been just clicking all the auto-comments when doing a report until yesterday.

Brian Kelly was with me yesterday and said his report is already done for a normal house here when he starts a new report…99.9% of the homes here are slab on grade, wood framed, stucco finish, cement tiles, copper pipes, Heat Pump or Condenser, flex ducts, return in the ceiling, etc.


I checked all the regular comments used for the AZ Sop and now my reports are done when I start the software (just add clients name and address), I just change the things that are wrong, add the pictures…report is done in 30 mins.

I can’t believe I didn’t think of that before…:shock: :shock: :shock:

Yes, I do my reports on site. Saves a lot of time that way.


HomeGague is the best, second only to of course :smiley: .

Is Homegauge a checklist type report or do you get a narrative option?

It can be whatever you want. Checklist, narrative, or a combination of both. Spend some time here and you’ll see variuos options.

Good luck!


I do all narrative type reports but you can change the format even after the report is done to a checklist type if you want.

Call me 602.402.5305 and I will send you the same report three different ways by simply (me) clicking a button before I upload it for you to view.

I use inspectware and love it.