Report Software Alternative for New Inspectors

If you are a new inspector and cannot decide which inspection software to buy and you have Microsoft Word 2010 or 2013, this is a great option for you.

  • Low Price: Only $129 right now
  • Buy them once and keep them forever
  • Can use field notes and camera and add information to report on a desktop
  • Also works on tablets with full version of MS Word 2010 or 2013 (can test function before you buy)
  • Interactive, so they work a lot like software (active check-boxes, pictures resize automatically)
  • No need for internet connection
  • Customizable

Click link to find out more about these inspection report templates:!home-inspection-report-software/c23ie

Andy Timmerman
Cedar Rapids Home Inspection, LLC
Internachi Member
Home Inspection Software Website

Are you a vendor ?

Not really. I am an Inspector that created these templates to use for my reports. Have had requests for templates especially because of smartphone report option.

Over time, this will be an exhausting option. It might work in the beginning, but you’ll end up looking for software tailored specifically for your needs. Good luck…

I’ve been using WORD since I started my inspection business. I’ve tried many software programs and none have come close to the layout or ease of my templates. I have a narrative library setup in a word document separated into all of the categories listed in my report. I just copy and paste all the narratives I need in a matter of minutes and since WORD is WYSIWYG format I know exactly how my report will look in the end result. It’s a nice idea and not a bad layout for the reports either. Good luck with the templates Andrew! — Also not to mention EVERY PC software I have used whether it be cloud based or installed on my hard drive has either frozen, not loaded correctly, or given some sort of issues that have prevented me to be able to use it. This has NEVER happened in WORD and if it did my report would be fully backed up through auto-save where I could start where I left off, and if something did happen to my PC where I couldn’t use it I would just open the file on one of my other computers with WORD installed. — On another note, has anyone ever tried putting together a PROPER Mold Assessment Report on a software also? I’m not talking about a Home Inspection Template modified to look like a correct Mold Assessment Report, I’m talking about a proper, Industrial Hygienist type Mold Report. I haven’t seen one, and I’ve seen MANY.

beyond my expectations
Thank You

All I see is a modified Home Inspection Report to be used for Mold

I see a need of a real report system here.

Might be wise to invest in the real thingy to provide your client true justice in reporting systems value. :wink:
(Report Software)