Report Software Question?

Hey Guys and Girls… what Reporting software do you recommend?
Looking for something with simplicity, pictures, and narrative comments.

How long do you spend writing your reports (average)?

Do you recommend online services? Do you email them
or fax them to your customers?

I live out in a rural area so the dial-up speed is slow.
This is a factor when considering reports that get too
long and have high graphic content.

I have a working system now, but would like to improve.
With my limitations in mind, what are your recommendations?

Thanks, :stuck_out_tongue:

John McKenna
American Home Inspection

  1. You get a lot of varying opinions on this subject. I like a Word based program, so I use Report Plus. You won’t find a lot of people who agree with me on this one. The printed format is professional looking and very close to what I would write when I was still doing technical writing.

  2. Depending on the amount of items to report, probably 2 to 2.5 hours. I want the sections formatted just so and I always edit the comments from the boilerplate. The boilerplates don’t always fit the situations. There are a lot of shades of gray when you describe things.

  3. Never tried the online services. I e-mail a PDF of the final report to the client. IMHO, a faxed report would be the last resort. A cheap fax machine on the other end of the line will make your report look like crap and any pictures would be useless.

  4. I only add pictures when the problem areas are in places where my clients don’t have any business being there. That would be the attic, crawlspaces, or roof. Otherwise, I try and minimize the use of pictures. They just bloat the size of the report and make it hard to e-mail.

The pictures that I do insert are large enough and have enough resolution to them so that when you print out the report, you can really see what is going on. A low pixel resolution picture looks good on the monitor but is terrible on paper.

If you have to supply a electronic copy, perhaps a CD would be better for your situation. Yes, it may take a day or two longer to get to your client. But, at least you will be supplying a decent report.

We have a forum for this which has many threads discussing your topic: Perhaps scan through them.

Also, deals for NACHI members on reporting software at:

John, choosing what software to buy is a lot like buying a car, and you owe it to yourself to research the company and test drive the product.