report writing time?

I am currently spending about 2.5 - 3 hours on site (including being their early before the inspection) for the average home. I am then spending about 1 hour to put my report together. I believe I have become about as proficient with my current program as I can. How are report writing times looking for you all using Homegauge?

Kyle before all the bloating starts ask yourself what in any software will make report time faster ?

They all have canned comment saves and dropdowns or ability to click a canned template preloaded for any style property if you set them up that way.

So again do you have any idea before hand while asking the question what in your fantasy would make a report go faster ?

1] Fewer comments and pictures
2] Using mobile which is not for everyone because it slows down your ability to communicate and for every minute you look at the screen you are not looking at the property.

Faster way is to focus and not drift off on forums …hmmm like now.Also make sure your report template flows in a way that you can add remarks without much thought as in auto pilot which takes practice .

Example: Brick has loose Mortar comment should auto trigger recommendation for a Mason .

Now perhaps you add time by giving exact detailed locations of all loose mortar and provide pictures with arrows to the picture in edit which adds time .

If you have 200 comments not unusual ] and spend lets say an extra 10 seconds on each one what is the extra time involved ? …Do the Math.

Lets talk report writing…OK?
Report writing proficiency come about with time.
Knowing your software and having all your comments/narratives lined up like ducks in a row is the key. And a major key in report writing. Yep!
This doesn’t come about overnight. It is an ongoing thing…Oh Yes!
Ask any of us.
I don’t care what software you are using. Over time you will be more equipped with finishing the report in proper due time. Take it easy on yourself!OK!
We have all been where you are at.
I’d be more concerned with the time I take in the field. Try your best to cut the onsite time down without sacrificing anything. Let me reiterate…ANYTHING!

Yesterday my assistance and I did a 9545 sf dwelling in 4 1/2 hours including wind mit and 4 point and the friggin pool and hot tub, but the report has taken me 2 plus hours to complete( I friggin hate writing reports).However, my company make a little over $1500 with this inspection. I screwed myself on this one a little bit, but It will come out in the wash at tax time.
Call me if you ever need me . My phone is on my hip…

Thank you Roy and Bob.

Any advice or opinion on the NACHI narratives that are available for purchase??

It builds your library fast. I use it.

On the average run-of-the mill bread & butter 2,800 - 3,500sf house of about 25 to 35 yrs of age it takes an average 2 hrs for inspection and 20 minutes for report using HG

Thanks Dan, that is the kind of answer I was curious about.

I use HIP…Not sure if HG is any faster, especially at report writing time. I take about 125 pictures or more, so labeling/marking photos takes most of my writing time (about an hour). After that, I can get through the report in about 30 minutes or so.

I add new “custom canned comments” at just about every inspection, my template is ever evolving–and that also takes time.

I could probably do it faster, but I want best–not fastest–for me and my clients

2-3 hours onsite.
Average about 2 hours writing my report. All my comments are on the fly. I don’t use any canned verbiage.

My goal is a one hour report but the damn pictures slow me down. I like Report Host but over the winter I will try HIP which I bought almost 2 years ago. Just haven’t used it much yet.