Report Upload/Attachment issues

When trying to upload a report, before my report preview pops up, I get this error message:

"While trying to upload, the following files were missing. These might be attachments that no longer exist.


You will now be directed to the Attachments page to verify your attachments."

Then it won’t let me go any further. I uploaded reports yesterday with no issue, and didn’t change anything that I’m aware of. What can I do to get things going again?

Hey Shannon, it sounds like a picture is missing but the placeholder is still present. Need to locate the comment that has it.

Are you using HG companion? I’ve experienced this error message after downloading my report from the cloud to my desk top. It seems to be loosing the picture location or other photos are just a black box. This is for my stock photos which should load with every new report.

I am using companion, but I have not had it happen there. If you delete the comment with the picture attached, it effects other comments that share that same picture. Should get in the HG FB group, could get this solved in minutes there.

Delete any video you have attached to the report, and try uploading again.

If it uploads, reattach the video and see if it correctly uploads.


Thanks for helping guys!