Trying to upload report using HG Companion, get timeout errors

Hello I am looking for immediate help with Homegauge Companion. I can’t upload my report and it is due. When I try to upload it goes all the way to 100%, then gives me the error: timed out, read error after taking forever to upload.
I then tried to do it manually via USB, but when I go to the Homegauge/Reports folder in Windows Explorer for my LG Stylo 2 phone, I don’t see the report! All is see is the 0000001, 0000002, and so on folders. If I go to the Homegauge/Reports folder on my phone itself, the report is there. Why is this?
Please help if you can.

Never mind guys. Got it fixed. Tracey at Homegauge called me after hours! I had to turn my phone off and back on, then windows explorer saw the folder.


Tracey at Homegauge, going the extra mile.